Looking at LoLK 0 – A Quick Introduction

This is the start of a series that will be analyzing the cast of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom from a canonical perspective, and then looking at ways they could be interpreted.

This series will be looking at the newcomers from Touhou 15. I originally only wanted to Ringo and Sagume (whom I already did) but something just compelled me to do the entire cast, probably my procrastination muscle in my brain. I don’t know if I’ll do all the characters in the series at some point; I’ve always been hotwired for obscure or niche stuff, and it doesn’t help that more popular characters = more canonical material to go through. I also feel a bit intimidated to look at certain characters like the SDM characters because I’m a fairly recent Touhou fan, and don’t feel too comfortable writing something that I didn’t personally experience.

Anyway let’s kick of this series.

The cast of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom is quite interesting in the context of the series.

Touhou 6 – 11 saw quite a bit of escalation. 6 had a powerful vampire. 7 had a ghost princess and reality warper. 8 dealt with immortals. 9 dealt with the Judge of the Afterlife. And 10 (and 11) had us fighting Gods.

Yet all of the games after that stopped that escalation (though people only seemed to notice at DDC). 12 had a youkai nun, 13 had the Emperor of Japan and 14 had a Kobito Princess. Needless to say, these are all quite the step down from fighting a God.

Personally I don’t actually agree with this escalation. I think it actually stopped at around 9, because it’s made pretty clear from Official Material that, like most of fiction, the term God is a bit misleading and not really a feat with the right context. In Touhou, a God is quite powerful but not too dissimilar to Youkai in how they operate. And we can’t forget that this isn’t the God of the Touhou universe (which doesn’t really have one, though Gensokyo does have the Dragon God), Kanako, Suwako, and to a lesser extent, Sanae, are just one of many Gods that you fight in Mountain of Faith.

That said, yes, it is true that the escalation of the series hit a halt around the time of the Second Windows Era.

Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom is the first game in about 4 to 5 games (I would say 6) that has upped the scale. It features the previous benchmark, the Lunarians, in a weak position against fierce some enemies. It has fairies and a Goddess from Hell and seems to hint at other worlds. It has a story justification for being so difficult. It even has Yukari herself in one of the endings. It’s quite a change up, and say what you will about the gameplay, it’s a return to form in most other aspects (and anyone that says otherwise really isn’t paying attention).

So the cast of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom is fairly interesting when put into that context. And while some characters have gotten their due (like Sagume) it kind of irks me that the entire cast aren’t getting more attention. This series is for me, partially venting in that sense. But I also just really want to talk and analyze the characters because they’re the newest thing (and we all love new things, don’t we?) And to kick off this series, we’ll look at the Pale Blue Eagle Ravi, Seiran.



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