Looking at LoLK 1 – The Pale Blue Eagle Ravi

Kicking off the cast of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom (as well as this character analysis series) is Seiran. The Stage 1 boss as well as its mid-boss, Seiran is a new Moon Bunny as well as a new Lunar Capital character. From her dialogue, she seems well acquainted with Reisen (to the point she is surprised when Reisen does not just let her do her job) and in terms of other relationships, she follows orders from the rest of the Lunar Capital affiliated characters as one of many infiltrators of the Eagle Ravi Unit. While it would be a jump to say that she’s the *weakest* character in the Lunar faction it is true that, as far as named characters goes, she’s basically on the bottom of the Moon chain of command.

Seiran hasn’t been a particularly impactful addition to the cast of Touhou. While she does serve an immediate story purpose, she is still very much a Stage 1 boss (even if she may be one of the hardest Stage 1 bosses in the series). And unlike the popular Grassroots youkai from the previous main game, she doesn’t have a real gimmick that helps her stick out whether it’s talking canon or fanon wise.

I mentioned before there was the violent/bloodthirsty Seiran that was making the rounds early on. This was because an early leaked image of Seiran had her covered in red stains, and fan artists (unsurprisingly) jumped on the chance to portray her as violent or bloodthirsty. Of course, as we covered before, this would not last; the leaked image made out the stains to be red when instead, they were purple. And with her profile explaining that she was making mochi when the protagonist runs into her, that interpretation of a violent Seiran was very quickly jossed.

Since then, fan art of her has been relatively basic; she’s been paired with Ringo, been shown with other Lunarian characters, has been grouped the other rabbit characters (including Tewi, despite Tewi not being a Moon Rabbit) or just been shown in splashes that cover the entire cast of Touhou 15. But there’s nothing been too interesting and there haven’t been any unique fan interpretations that have stuck, and she hasn’t been as popular as characters like Clownpiece or Sagume Kishin.

I think just looking at her, without too much analysis, it probably has to do with the fact that she’s a Stage 1 boss, and she’s a new member to an existing race. As said before, the Tsukumogami characters have been less popular as they’ve been introduced (except for Medicine). Kogasa by far is the most popular; Kokoro is reasonably popular for a fighting game character; and the new Tsukumogami’s have not had much material made for them (it doesn’t help that they overlap with another existing theme; musical groupings).

With those in mind let’s pry through what the official material has to say about her, and see what can be done for the mochi-smashing Stage 1 boss.


“Stage 1 Boss: The Pale Blue Eagle Ravi


Species: Moon rabbit
Ability: Capable of firing bullets from a different dimension

An underling treated with about as much respect as a cannonball.
Amongst the members of the “Eagle Ravi” Earth Recon Unit,
she has the most dangerous job: infiltration operations.
She isn’t paid much relative to the danger.

All the moon rabbits have to ability to communicate via telepathy,
but she never holds a decent conversation.
It seems she was attacked as she was making mochi for her comrades while on break.

She’s been doing a lot of investigation, but still hasn’t received an OK from the People of the Moon.
She’s getting terribly sick of all this.”


It seems a bit basic. I think that the Stage 1 stigma that she has isn’t undeserved; she’s a character who you’re supposed to pity because she has the displeasure of dealing with the heroine of the game in the first Stage. She doesn’t get paid a lot, despite the personal danger involved, she clearly has had enough of Gensokyo at this point and (going by her dialogue with Marisa) she’s only in the protagonist’s way due to losing a game of rock paper scissors (but I’ll go over the stage dialogue in more depth later).

The most interesting idea here is that she’s considered to be explicitly expendable. While she effectively feels like a servant/underling type character (covered by popular characters like Youmu or Reisen) it’s definitely differentiates her, with her being more of a soldier.

Personality wise, she seems pretty… half-baked. She’s stated to not be able to hold a decent conversation. But there’s a bit more to it, if we go over the Stage conversations per character. (I will not post those here because of the formatting on the Wiki)

Her dialogue against Reimu is pretty amusing. While you do initially feel bad by the end of her dialogue, it should be noted that Seiran escalates things (and it’s her own fault). Unlike the other conversations, she only calls Reimu a filthy Earthling. Her looking down on Earth isn’t too surprising but it’s strange that she only calls out Reimu on it and not Sanae or even Marisa. The other interesting part is that she starts to plead for her life (after Reimu threatens her), stating that her life is at risk for doing that. While you could take it at face value, it should be said that she does not mention her life being at risk for anyone else. Maybe there’s a cowardly face to her when she feels her life is in danger…

Her dialogue against Marisa is a lot more reasonable and there’s actually not a lot to gleam from it. She seems less prejudiced; she’s focused only on her work, and concedes the fact that Earthlings are fairly strong.  The aforementioned rock paper and scissors game is mentioned there, which makes me think, do they have that game on the moon? Or is it possible that in their investigation, they came across it? I guess we’ll never know.

Her dialogue against Sanae is probably about as serious; conveniently, she takes the time to explain her role and race against Sanae (presumably because ZUN realized Sanae never went to the Moon and would not be familiar with them). She does mention the lack of reinforcements though, and also lets slip to Sanae what happened to the probes.

Her dialogue against Reisen is the shortest but most interesting. She’s explicitly shown to be familiar with Reisen, but is quite surprised when Reisen fights back and actually goes out of her way to inform the others. This is not too interesting, as the dialogue of Ringo shows that Seiran does get around to informing the others off-screen for the other characters.

If we really look at all of this, what we can tell is that her personality seems fluctuate depending on what ZUN wants to achieve in the first stage’s dialogue.

More seriously, I think that all we can gleam from all of this is that she’s a pitiable character, and that’s all there is to her. We can’t say that she’s the strongest Eagle Ravi infiltrator because, while her ability seems interesting, she is only here because of bad luck in a game. She only uses a hammer because she happened to be making mochi at the time. She has a dangerous job that doesn’t pay particularly well at all. And while it’s not a surprise she can’t hold out against the protagonists, she doesn’t seem to be a good fit for her job, because she caves in immediately against Reimu’s threats, and accidentally leaks info to Sanae.

I think what’s missing, or what would flesh out Seiran further, is looking more into Eagle Ravi, and it’s context in the Lunar Capital. It’s what will make or break the character, in my honest opinion, and it can change very easily how we look at Seiran (and possibly Ringo). A simple example question to prove my point could be, “Was it set up after they moved to the Dream World? Or is it a long standing insitution?”

I think any answer can easily change our outlook on her. If it’s a long standing institution, then it means that she could have easily taken the job because there was nothing to do until recently. If it’s not, and was only set up more recently, maybe we could see it as Seiran underestimating the difficulty and danger of the job, or perhaps her motives are like Mystic Square’s Louize, and wanting to see outside of the Lunar Capital.

These interpretations don’t possibly hold up, but that’s a different topic; the point is really that, Seiran herself is not interesting. But what is interesting is that she can act as a conduit for exploring the Lunar Capital and Eagle Ravi. So at best, she fleshes out the Lunar Capital in very strict, niche ways (like Moon Rabbit gossip and culture, or how Eagle Ravi works in the context of the Lunar Capital). At worst, she’s just another extra character for the existing Lunarian characters to interact with. All in all, I think she’s a pretty standard Stage 1 boss, though she has the advantage of being a weak Lunarian-affiliated character (instead of a weak Youkai). I think if you decide to explore Seiran with respect to the canon material, she’ll have her uses. But I guess if you don’t, you’ve just got another half-baked, underling character to an existing race, but one that you could use with the other Lunarian characters. All in all, it’s not too terrible, but not particularly great for Seiran.

I think the very last thing we can look as of the making of this post, is the music. I mention this because a later interview, or the afterword being translated could shed more light on ZUN’s intentions for the character, and I obviously cannot account for that.

I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of her themes. There’s this tonal… quality? I’m a bit iffy on my musical terminology, but her theme and Junko’s as well have this fuzzy quality that I dislike. I think her Boss theme is standard Stage 1 stuff. Her stage 1 theme is mentioned by ZUN to feel as long, but I don’t feel it’s that long. Not compared to a track like At the End of Spring from UFO. What’s interesting is that ZUN mentions her boss theme to be something of a light-hearted battle. Which is funny because I certainly don’t get that feeling at all, whether it be from the game’s story (and the involvement of the Elixir) to Seiran’s own character.

Anyway, that’s it for today. The next piece will be looking at Ringo. I don’t think I’ll get around to posting it tomorrow, persay. But it’ll happen sooner rather than later, because Ringo interests me the most out of LoLK’s cast.


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