8 – 5 – 16: Superheroes and Stuff

This is a quick mini post. (EDIT from the future: Haha, no)

Currently it’s a bit hard to write about the other LoLK characters. Not surprising since the whole blog is a whole spur of the moment thing (and I just realized I wanted to write about the Lunarians in LoLK only lol) but the amount of connections to other mythologies (Chinese for Junko and Doremy to some extent, and Grecian for Hecatia and also Clownpiece to some extent too) has made a bunch of extra work.

I’ll get to doing Doremy eventually (since I think she’s more interesting than the villain trio of LoLK) but it’ll take a bit.

So superheroes and stuff.

Recently, I got interested in reading about Public Domain heroes (mostly because of PD Hero domain threads and whatnot). I’d known about them previously, particularly Moon Girl, Mysta of the Moon, Firehair, Golden Lad and others but I started to think, what if there was a Public Domain superhero fighting game? I delved into Project Superpowers to see what they came up with, then I discovered guys like Strongman, Stardust and Fantomah, and it’s just snowballed from there. I am currently ┬áreading the Comet and the Hangman and just downloaded a couple of files that will let me read into Skyman next.

I’ve still thought about who should be in a fighting game but I’ve kind of lost the plot at this point (it doesn’t help that certain characters I wanted to use, like Green Lama, Black Widow, Nelvana and others aren’t wholly usable as I thought). I might get into the conceptual roster in another post (it consists of Daredevil, Fighting Yank, Black Cat, Skyman, Stardust, the Magician from Mars, Lash Lightning, Silver Streak and Strongman among others) but I’ve kind of gotten superhero fever now.

So far, Hangman comics (and by extension, the Comet) have been super interesting to read. What makes it so interesting is that it starts off with the Comet, but Comet permanently gets killed off and the Hangman (Comet’s brother)┬átakes his place. It’s still a bit goofy but the stories have drawn my attention. Stardust the Super Wizard by Fletcher Hanks has been a bit underwhelming. I got the impression of a vindictive God but aside from the occasional villain casualty or overkill punishments Stardust tends to bestow, it’s been a bit boring to be honest. Fantomah has been a tad more interesting. Her shtick is the same but she feels like a force of nature more than anything. The change to Fantomah, daughter of the Pharaohs is pretty lame though.

Other reads have been Strongman, Margo the Magician, the Magician from Mars, Man O Metal and Madame Strange. Strongman is boring and short-lived, but I do like his focus on international conflicts. Margo is also similarly short lived, and I think her hypnosis/pseudo magic would have made for an interesting series. The Magician from Mars is just all over the place as it has a potential reality warper as a main character. It only gets action-y in its last issue and also the MC changes designs every new adventure.

Man O Metal is slightly interesting. He got a lot and I’m still skimming through. He might get his own post. Last is Madame Strange who only got 3 adventures. Personally I like how brutal Strange is, even if I find her outfit to be fairly dumb.

As said before I plan to get into Skyman next. Currently plodding through Fantomah and Man O Metal as well.

The other hero related thing I got into is the Justice League cartoon. I’d been meaning to get into it for a while and I finally got around to it. For the first JL cartoon, I liked the sequential episodes and I liked the world building. Superman and J’Onn constantly getting punked was weird though. Hawkgirl was great and the Fate, Aquaman, Grundy and Hawkgirl episode was great.┬áPersonally I didn’t really care for the Justice Lords episode though.

Currently up to Justice League Unlimited season 1. It has been pretty solid so far. The change to 1 episode plot was a bit disappointing at first. And despite the gigantic JL roster this time around, there have been more episodes focused on Bats and Wonder Woman which has been a bit annoying. On the flipside, the episodes with other characters have been gold. Question and Booster Gold have been great so far, and it’s always a joy to watch episodes with the entire Justice League involved.

Not sure when superhero fever is gonna run out (it probably won’t be soon with Civil War and Dr Strange on the horizon) so expect some more superhero posts.


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