End of March Update

“Quick” (read: not quick) update post

I’ve been a bit busy. Now I’m not sure on doing a Doremy post or a continuation at all. I guess I should have saved the characters I wanted to do the most of for lost :/

On comics/capes stuff, I’ve gotten onto continuing with Hangman. I managed to finish all of the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited show. I also plan to watch Brave and the Bold. For quick impressions, Hangman is easily the most interesting public domain hero I’ve read so far (big emphasis on that last bit). At first he feels a little like Batman; in his first appearance he is okay with letting a guy sit in a completely dark room for hours until he cracks (and that’s pretty cool). Also unlike Batman he actually sees off most of his villain’s demise (he doesn’t actually hang them himself, but he does make sure they see the Hangman’s noose) and it leaves it to be pretty satisfying.

Unsurprisingly there’s a bit of a problem with recurring villains because of that. Still it’s been a really fun read so far. Each new story tries to do something new or interesting (like having a villain named the Missionary initially get caught, but bailed out, or there’s that ridiculous one where Hangman and a Nazi villain, Captain Swastika, pile on gambits and plans on one another). It is starting to get a little boring, but I’m nearly at the end of his Pep Comics run. On a related note, I found a copy of Peanuts 1975 to 1976 (if I recall correctly) at the local library. It was an okay read I guess? It took three different visits to finish the whole thing.

As for the Justice League cartoons, they were okay. JL Season 1 was pretty forgettable though there were some solid arcs like Savage Reign or the Secret Society episode. Season 2 was a lot better at using the 2 part format and was quite an improvement. In terms of characters, I think they did okay. Since it was part of the DCAU, where there were already Batman and Superman shows, I did like that they didn’t get too much attention (though Batman still tended to shine more often than not). The focus on Hawkgirl, Flash and Green Lantern was great and I ended up loving Hawkgirl and her episodes in particular (one particular favorite was the Grundy, Dr Fate and Hawkgirl episode).

Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman were a bit worse off. J’Onn got knocked out a lot (especially when telepathy tended to be involved) and he was kind of boring but he did get his moments (like in the Secret Society episode). Wonder Woman was just completely underused. At most she was, what, Batman’s not-girlfriend? She didn’t get her full lasso powers until Season 2 of JL, most of her Season 1 arcs were pretty boring and in JLU she did get one episode with Hawk and Dove where she wasn’t treated as Bats’ not-girlfriend but that was about it. Overall I think the original JL series was solid enough. I also recently found it Crisis on Two Earths was an interquel to JLU so I have to watch that at some point.

Justice League Unlimited felt about the same to be honest. First season was a bit bland, second season was just fantastic. The 2-part format got dropped but there was a nice overarching arc in the show. First season is a bit weak as said before (I certainly could have done without that lame Mordred episode) but it does get interesting towards the end and it is all setup for Season 2 so I didn’t dislike it too much (also it had Booster Gold and Question who were great in their episodes so that helped). Season 2 is just all of that payoff and it is fantastic to watch. The whole expanded Justice League vs Project Cadmus arc is great to watch. Apparently finale was a bit of a cop out to some people, but I was personally okay.

Season 3 was a bit more of a bonus thing and I treated it as such. The show wasn’t going to have Season 3 originally and it kind of shows; the season is somewhat fun but feels a little unnecessary. There were some gold moments like the Flash and Luthor mindswap episode, or the very final episode, but I would also have been okay if there wasn’t a third season at all. Overall it’s a pretty solid show. It’s definitely gotten me interested in the other DCAU shows though they’ll have to wait until after the movie and I’ve finished Brave and the Bold.

On other none cape related hobbies, I’ve been sorting out my Playlists. I keep a couple of YT playlists around, specifically for PlayStation music. Reason for that is that I do like PS music and I think the first party games have some solid and underrated tracks. I also kind of wanted to think about what music could go in a PlayStation All Stars sequel so it’s a two birds deal. I’ve been binge-ing on a lot of music from games like Wild Arms 3 and Colony Wars. To get to the point, I started to compile a playlist of Genji 2 music. Partially because I started to notice some stellar tracks I had overlooked, but mostly because none of the tracks are titled and I just got interested in finding out the source of each track (for whatever reason, I’m honestly not sure why I’m doing it myself).
I’m also working on a Making Of playlist that will catalogue as many Making of Features I can find for most first party games.

I think that about wraps it up for this (now large) update post. E3 is about two-ish(?) weeks away and aside from the fair number of first party games that could pop up, I’m also interested in seeing whether Crash is really gonna pop up there. I’m not really big on the series but I want to see how it’ll pan out and regardless of how or if it actually DOES pans out, the reactions will be interesting to see especially on NeoGAF.


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