Planned Updates 1 Week 2 / 3

Here is a list of planned updates for this blog.  I realized that I’ve promised a lot of stuff and I’m kind of getting nowhere by jumping back and forth on everything. Here’s what I plan to get done pretty soon (with soon being, at least before the end of next week)

-Touhou 13.5/14.5 Idle Animation gifs
(Self explanatory. I’ve only done the idles because, unsurprisingly, it’s hard to put together gifs of flying characters. I think I can still do basic stuff like victory poses [unless it’s something like Futo’s spinning one] but attacks are too complicated for me to do right now. Nitori and Sumireko are also going to require some extra work; Nitori, since her helicopter animation is separate and Sumireko because she has textures separate from her sprites)

-Yuki and Goenitz animated gifs
(Self explanatory. I’m mostly done with Aya, though I need to check I’ve uploaded everything I’ve animated of hers. I plan to continue on to the other Touhou characters next. I’ve also downloaded a few MUGEN characters since a bunch of SVC: Chaos characters don’t have any sprite sheets anywhere for me to animate. I’m going to see if I can rip the sprites from there instead.)

-Arc the Lad Anime and Wild Arms Twillight Venom Impressions
(I’ve been watching these anime a lot on my daily, 40 minute or longer commutes and I’m nearly through with both series so expect some thoughts)

-Fighter’s History and Fighter’s History Dynamite Impressions
(The next update to follow Breaker’s Revenge. I might throw in a couple of animated gifs of characters from the game too, maybe. We’ll see)

-Banner Update
(This is already done, I just want to wait a while before changing it)

-Primer on Platform Fighters
(This is going to be a sort of explanation for the “List of Platform Fighter” page that’s popped up. Platform Fighters are a genre/sub-genre I’ve always planned to talk about, though I’ve only gotten really serious about researching them as of late)

-Platform Fighter review 1: “Ukasma EX and Air and Kanon Smash”
(These, or at least A&K Smash since Ukasma EX isn’t working, is a game I’m currently playing. I wanted to post my thoughts in general of the game, as well as a breakdown of the game’s mechanics. It won’t be anything too technical but there are some interesting properties in this game I’ve noticed. It will also help me know exactly what this game does and doesn’t do, as I plan to do a really in-depth post about all sorts of Platform Fighters later on.)

A bunch of these will probably go up over the Weekend all at once, others won’t be happening until the weekend after this one.


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