Touhou 13.5 / 14.5 Idle Animations and Banner Update

Here are the gifs that I worked on.
As mentioned before, this is not a complete set. Due to the sprites I have, Nitori and Sumireko require extra work in order to animate. Both have separate elements that I will have to figure out before I can get around to animating them. Everybody else was fairly simple to animate though.

The rest of the fighter animations are going at the back of my gif list for now. Like I said before, animating sprites/sprite sheets is still fairly new to me, and 14.5’s airborne animations are a tad bit too complicated for me right now. I might do any easy animations like winposes but that’ll be spontaneous and done on a whim, I don’t plan to properly work through all of the animations any time soon.

futoexstand1 hijiriexstand ichirinexstand kasenexstand1 koishiexstand kokoroexstand mamizouexstand1 marisaexstand mikoexstand mokouexstand reimuexstand1 shinmyoumaruexstand

I tried to keep them at the same height so they’d look good when grouped together. The timing is also not… “accurate” to the games. I might end up redoing the ones that aren’t at some later point (Sukuna’s quick idle and Ichirin’s slow idle are starting to bother me now that I’ve noticed them) though not right now.

Banner is also being updated. I feel like I might forgot to do it later on, so I’m doing it while it’s still on my mind. As always, the source of the banner/header image is on the Headers page. The artist is Kutsuki Kai (going off Danbooru) Aside from that my Arc the Lad anime impressions should being going up tomorrow.


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