Fighter’s History 1 Soundtrack

EDIT: Brushed up my impressions. Also found the p

I wanted to get this one out of the way. I don’t like the soundtrack as a whole that much. It’s not terrible but I find most of it to be rather forgettable. I definitely prefer the Dynamite’s soundtrack a lot more. I did plan to 1) use Fighter’ s History 1 portraits and 2) use defeated versions for the tracks I didn’t like, but unfortunately I don’t know how to rip sprites whatsoever, so that didn’t happen (I had to use their Dynamite Portraits instead) Thanks to Arcade Quarter Master for having the ripped portrait sprites!

This track is probably my favorite of the bunch. It’s rock, and surprise, I like rock tracks. The flow of the track is good and never gets tiring, and the major parts of the track (the opening melody and the melody before the track loops) are catchy and appealing melodies even if they are a bit on the simple side. Sped up version is okay but it’s rather average. It’s good because it is just a sped up version of a theme I already like, but it’s not my favorite.

A great foreboding and menacing theme that implements rock (hence why I like it so much). I actually dislike the sped up version in this instance, I think the regular theme does a fine job as a theme for a character like Marstorius. Comparing his theme from here to Dynamite, I actually can’t choose between the two. This theme is better at atmosphere (it really is an overshadowing and intimidating theme) but his sequel theme is just as fun to listen to, especially with the main riff.

(Kinda misleading; Karnov wears a turban and no bling in Fighter’s History 1)
It feels like the exact opposite of his Dynamite theme. This isn’t a bad thing, as the track certainly has it’s own charms. The low key feel bit is really good as a sort of set up; it certainly feels like it’s only hinting at something boiling beneath the surface. That said, as the climax of the game, it’s a bit of an unfitting theme. I do think though, that if Data East had given him two themes, this would have been a splendid first theme to initially reveal Karnov to (before revealing you have to fight him again, or if he revealed that he wasn’t really trying and he was going to be serious).

Character Select Theme
I have no qualms saying I like this better than the Street Fighter 2 Character Select theme. I just really like rock and this has a steady, blood pumping beat that loops well into itself.

Perfectly Fine
I do like the nice, steady beat of the track as well as its flow. That said, it is rather simple (unlike his Dynamite theme which is vastly more complicated and more interesting to listen to). The sped up version does eliminate part of that issue for me. It also has a cool, short intro/warning bit that I like.

I vastly prefer the sequel’s themes, but admittedly Mizoguchi’s regular theme certainly feels a lot more “fuller” and meatier than its sequel theme. There are better individual themes here but I don’t think anything beats the combo of his regular and sped up Dynamite themes.

Eh I’m just not a fan of the instrumentation or the atmosphere. Samchay’s Dynamite theme is a bit more interesting but I am still not a fan of either. I think it might be the xylophone that makes me dislike it. I do prefer the sped up version of the track though as it obviously speeds up the tempo and makes it more complex to listen to.

A very grandiose theme that almost matches Karnov’s dynamite theme in term of bombast. It does sound regal and noble, but at the same time, I find it incredibly uninteresting to listen to. It comes off as atmospheric more than melodic (and I admit, I tend to have a bias towards the latter) which may be giving me that impression. I do think the addition of the sped up version makes it more interesting (similar to how both of Mizoguchi’s themes in the sequel make them better than the sum of their parts, though I don’t like these tracks nearly as much.)

I guess there’s a good intro? That’s all I have to say. There is something about Clown’s themes that really fail to click with me.

Mixed Opinions
I’m so torn on this track. On the one hand, the extended/solo bit (is that what it’s called?) is just bloody amazing. On the other hand, it feels completely unearned from the track; it feels a bit too premature, like they forgot to serve up the main course and instead opted straight for the dessert after the appetizer. It’s a bummer and a conundrum.

I’m also torn on this track. The melody and flow is perfectly fine on the first listen, but I don’t know, I’m not convinced when it loops around the second time. It feels like it’s a track that’s too meaty; as in, instead of a track with a satisfying loop, it sounds like a satisfying short track that happens to get looped again (and 9 times outta ten, I will prefer the loopable track because it’s a matter of taste). I do have to give props to the sped up version at least; the track is really tense. It has just the right amount of chaos and cacophony to it. Other than that, these are at least better than her Dynamite themes.


And that’s about it for FH. If I get around to it, I might listen to the SNES versions (as apparently they’re different) as well as the spinoff game with Mizoguchi. I might also look out for the soundtrack of that game where Yungmie and Mizoguchi guest starred (if I ever remember what said game was called)


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