Quick Update: Polished Up Fighter’s History Impressions

Since my impressions are very inconsistent, I plan to just brush up on a few points for both posts. The reason for the inconsistency is because I had to basically rewrite my impressions of FH’s soundtrack only to discover, that I actually really like Dynamite’s soundtrack way more after re-listening to both.

There is something I do want to mention. I was going to add it in to one of the impressions posts but I couldn’t find a good, natural way to mention it. Basically, I was a bit surprised at the similarities between Mizoguchi and Reiji from Power Instinct. Aside from taking obvious inspiration from Ryu, they both have a banchou theme (Mizoguchi with his backstory and Reiji with his stage). That’s all.

(Originally I was going to make a weird point about how Mizoguchi and Ray were similar to Reiji and Keith Wayne from Power Instinct, but that was my terrible memory at work as neither Ray or Keith are similar at all, and Reiji and Mizoguchi’s themes aren’t as close as I originally believed them to be)

Anyway, that’s all for the moment. I plan to finally finish up those Arc the Lad Impressions in the next few days (I’ve been extremely busy with real life obligations. Busy as in “the past week has been one of the longest weeks I’ve ever had” kind of busy). So yeah, I should have that up soon enough.


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