Arc the Lad anime impressions, part 3 (FINAL)

This post is a lost smaller than it was originally intended. Like most impression-bits that I put off, I’ve forgotten a lot of the points I originally intended to make. But since I’m tired of these incomplete impressions clawing at the back of my head, I’m finally just going to finish this pseudo-review, regardless of the final length.

Arc the Lad anime impressions, part 3 (FINAL)

Other Observations:
=Certain names are different like Seirya/Sumeriya, Kukuru/Kukulu, Chongara/Chongala or Gogen/Gorgen. I believe this might be because of this anime and its English dub happening before the actual games were localized (via Arc the Lad Collection)

=In terms of tone, the game and anime are fairly similar, though the dark moments are scattered throughout different parts of the story compared to the game.

The first of these points is something I have yet to confirm. But the second point is a bit more relevant. Overall, I would say that game and anime do share the same beats in terms of dark tone, but I do think that the anime’s ending does cheapen the story a little.

I’m not going to go into the details as it would spoil the surprise (and I do think that the game’s ending is great), but I do think the way the ending was handled in the anime was not good. It plays out differently from the original game and as mentioned before, Clive does play a big role in the ending. While I will admit that game’s ending may have colored my expectations of the show, I just don’t like the tone of the ending.

I feel it didn’t match the rest of the show. While maybe that could have been a weakness of the show (as in, the show did a terrible job of balancing the darker parts), I just felt like the ending was a cop out. The lead up to the ending was suitably dark. What happens to Lieza and what happens to some of Arc’s friends do well to increase the tension in the show. One of the parts regarding Lieza seemed to imply that she was in a far worse condition than she is. Yet by the end of the show about the only thing done to her was (spoiler) brainwashing.

(This is the moment where I forgot what I intended to write so this is just going to be wrapped up now)

Final Thoughts
I think on the whole, the show is a decent enough watch.

As a fan, it’s slightly disappointing in parts, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the show simply because of those parts. I think the way the story has been shuffled around, along with the use of minor characters and the novelty of seeing the characters animated, make it decent fanservice for any Arc the Lad fan. As a standalone anime, I think it is a decent watch, even if the show loses a bit off steam 2/3’s of the way through the anime.

I’m not going to give it a score but I do think that it’s probably one of the better adaptations of PlayStation Intellectual Properties. (And I’m not using that as a small metric; between stuff like Ape Escape, Gunparade March, Wild Arms Twillight Venom and the Invizimals animated series, this is pretty good).

Now that this is *finally* finished, expect a lengthy post soon.

The past week I’ve been doing a lot of digging regarding PlayStation series and IP’s. And there’s a lot I do want to talk about. So expect and eager update soon enough.


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