The Grim Adventures videogame, impressions part 1

grim01_0000_Layer 4.jpg
(After remembering I had a copy of this game, I decided to give this game a spin.)
As an introduction, the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy videogame (shortened to “the Grim Adventures”) is a game based on the cartoon series of the same name.

I’ve always been interested in Platform Fighters as it is known, so I think I would have gotten around to playing this game eventually as part of my research (even if the game is technically more of a Power Stone clone/3D Arena Fighter). That said, I’m also a fan of the cartoon series, having gotten into the show a few years ago.

While I only got into the show long after it ended, I did find the show to be a decent watch. I plan to get into writing a proper review of the show (because I really like the show, though I have some very strong opinions about it).

So far the game has been fairly serviceable, but I have to admit that the novelty of a Grim Adventures videogame is really contributing to my enjoyment. The copy I have of the game is the Wii version (it is on other consoles but I don’t have copies for those). The only Wiimote gimmick is using the pointer to finish off opponents in cutscenes. It hasn’t been too intrusive but it is annoying against the Story Mode’s final boss.

I have to look into the game a bit more (apparently it was made before the movie came out, which is an interesting tidbit). I also have yet to actually finish the game as well. But so far the fanservice has been really on point. I think  the game may be a bit too fanservice heavy to be completely honest

The gameplay is very basic and as said before, it is serviceable though fights are also becoming a bit of a chore. Surprisingly there’s some character variation, though it seems to be really limited (Jack and Grim are balanced, Hoss, Nergal and Nergal Jr are in the long ranged but low stamina area, and Billy and Eris are both faster though also weaker etc.). The character roster is mostly good. The only qualm I’d have is the absence of certain characters like Sperg, Mindy and Jeff the Spider, but at a twenty character roster, I feel that’s being really nitpicky.

I think it’ll be a while before I finish the game (it takes about half an hour to get through the Story Mode, and there are 20-ish characters as well) but I do plan to do a follow up post in the future.


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