A Primer on the “the series and IP’s of PlayStation” page

After attempting to manage the big list of series on my other blog, the PlayStation All-Stars Watch, I feel like I finally know how to create the definitive list of PlayStation series that I have always wanted to do.

To start off this post, let’s go to the very beginning. The original intentions for creating a WordPress Blog were for PlayStation All-Stars related reasons. I’m not going to get into all of the reasoning at the time, but a major reason was just how confusing it was to figure out what IP was first party or not. Even now people on all sorts of gaming websites are under the impression that Crash Bandicoot was seemingly sold to Activision (when in truth, Crash was never owned by SIE). If even major characters like Crash are unclear, you could only imagine how much more confusing it gets when it comes to more obscure IP (and boy does PlayStation have a lot of obscure IP’s).

So the main intention was to have a definitive list of PlayStation owned IP’s. Originally I borrowed from Wikipedia’s list of IP’s on the Sony Interactive Entertainment paged and made modifications from there, but after delving deeper I’ve realized how unreliable that list is. Series that don’t belong there are there, and not only that, but the list is really lacking in context. It’s not handled by console system  (or handheld), there are no developers listed, there’s no reasoning for any of the more questionable picks, it’s just really a big mess. And it’s not even an accurate mess.

So this time, I plan to do it right. This will be a big Work-In-Progress (and I’m not working on it right NOW, as said in a previous update; I’m just getting all of these unpublished posts out now). The plan will be to go through series one by one. We’re going to start with PlayStation All-Stars since it is very clear which IP’s are Sony IP’s (except for PaRappa) and then go through all of the in-house developers (so well known devs like Naughty Dog and Media Molecule to lesser known ones like Sugar & Rockets and ARC Entertainment). Once that is down, we can get to the real focus (that is, forgotten gems that I’ve already posted about like Gunparade March)

This is going to be a long on-going project (that will also be the subject of some posts from time to time). There is no real “end goal” per say. That said, I would hope to have the list be comprehensive in case a potential PlayStation Battle Royale sequel (or another similar crossover) were to ever happen.

Anyway, there will be a stream of reposted content over the next few days, so stay tuned for that.


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