Ownership of the PaRappa Anime?


(This is the first of my PSAS-Watch Blog Reposts. There’s been an update on the end along with the neat image above, but it’s functionally still the same post)

This blog is getting an update due to the recent announcement of the PaRappa Anime. Due to a thread on NeoGAF regarding the topic  (the thread in question is linked below), it’s been shown that PaRappa may not actually be fully owned by Sony Computer Entertainment.

I was always aware of some fuzzy copyright issues because of PlayStation All-Stars; aside from PaRappa’s own stage, Dojo, having original music instead of some sort of remix from the original games, there was a slight copyright issue early after the game’s announcement where PaRappa’s level 3 could not be shown. The character himself was allowed to be displayed and demo’d, but not the level 3 (and I assume this is tied to the fact that PaRappa’s level 3 involves lyrics from a song in the original PaRappa game).

What has been revealed about PaRappa’s copyright (via NeoGAF) is:

Sony Computer Entertainment is not listed in the copyright for the new show. (It was also mentioned that they were not specifically mentioned for the old anime as well, but I’m not entirely sure how to confirm that information.

They’re not distributors for the official PaRappa stickers (PaRappa stickers are listed under “Interlink Planning Inc./Rodney A Greenblat“, which is different compared to other series like Doko Demo Issyo or Freedom Wars coming under “Sony Computer Entertainment” or “Sony Digital Entertainment” respectively). This can be seen below (these were taken on the 13th of August, 2016)

PaRappa the Rapper

parappa1_0003_Layer 1

Doko Demo Issyo

parappa1_0002_Layer 2

Freedom Wars

parappa1_0001_Layer 3

-Adding on to the above, Interlink and Greenblat are also credited, presumably, in the credits of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (unconfirmed)

There’s also a comment with Shawn Layden addressing the issue explicitly (unconfirmed)

PlayStation probably owns the trademarks but not the the characters (the evidence for this is that the new anime is NOT going by the title of “PJ Berri no Mogumogu Munyamunya”). While I don’t know all that much about trademarks, this does show up when I type in “PaRappa the Rapper trademark”:


201So that seems to be confirmed

UPDATE: For the repost. I think this topic will be very interesting in the future, but looking into this further has (like scouring through PlayStation All-Stars credits) so far has just made things more confusing. I did notice Interlink Planning are strangely credited for Patapon in PlayStation All-Stars credits? But I’ll save that for a later post that will be a breakdown of PSBR’s (lengthy) credits.


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