PlayStation IP Source Mini-Update 01

This is mostly a quick post/reminder for myself.

After scouring through the usual places, I’ve noticed that the SCIE page on GiantBomb has a couple of series I did not notice before. The legibility of these games as actual PlayStation IP’s has still to be verified but so far, there have been some potentially interesting discoveries.

“TVDJ” and “Beat Planet Music” are two music games among others that I have not noticed before.

“Shachou Eiyuuden: The Eagle Shooting Heroes” is a very interesting game as it is a Chinese release.

“Surveillance Kanshisha” is also interesting. Along with being animated by Production I.G (who also animated for the Yarudora Series), the game potentially seems like a spiritual predecessor to LifeLine. I might look into gameplay footage of the game as the concept seems very interesting.

There are a couple of other entries that I’ve come across before like Addie’s Present but on the whole these are some (potentially) interesting discoveries.

As an extra reminder to myself, I have to remember “Sagashi ni Ikouyo” (well maybe not *remember* it as I’ve been aware of the game for a while, but I do need to find the Japanese title of the game so I can cross-check it with its Japanese Wikipedia page)

That’s all for now.


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