PlayStation IP Discoveries 02: Gunparade March


(This is the third PSAS-Watch Blog Repost. I have no source on the picture unfortunately, but here is an IMGUR reupload for the version that I have)

This post is of the series, Gunparade March, and how I am fairly certain the series is a PlayStation series. I’m not going to give much of an introduction to the IP because, to be perfectly honest, I don’t know a whole lot about the game itself.

The game never came outside of Japan, but I’ve read it described as a strategy mecha/simulator game with an alternate history from our own that diverges World War II (the setting is not unlike the Resistance series in that sense). The game was popular enough to get an anime adaptation (making it another PS1 IP adaptation alongside Wild Arms and Arc the Lad) and that did get translated into English, though I have not watched that myself. There was also a sequel series, I think? I’m talking about the Gunparade Orchestra trilogy of games on the PS2. There was also an anime of that too.

The developer is Alfa System, who are also the developers for the OreShika games (the PS1 original, the PSP Remake and the Vita sequel) as well as some other PS1 games like Project: Horned Owl and Elemental Gearbolt (I am less certain if those series are PlayStation owned). That’s about as far as I know regarding the series.

Now on to the evidence.

First of, there are these wallpapers. I noticed them on a handy Gunparade March thread on /vr/ (that’s some snazzy timing to be sure). While this isn’t the original link, and I have no way to verify what the page actually is, what seems to be the rest of the GPM wallpapers is on there. Link. (EDIT: I found the website these wallpapers are on. They’re here)  There are a bunch of them, so I will not be posting them all here. All of these seem to be copyrighted under Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. What makes this more interesting is that the original links from that page are from “”  (The website is also copyrighted as “(C)2000 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.”)

(As said before, there are more wallpapers on the link)

There is also the “Game Music Collection ~Sony Computer Entertainment Japan BEST~” soundtrack which can be found here on the VGMDB. I have yet to make a proper post regarding that, but there is good reason to believe that basically everything on that is PlayStation owned. To breakdown the soundtrack’s music, there is music from:

Arc the Lad
Alundra 2
Multiple Yarudora games
Doko Demo Issyo
Jumping Flash 2
Boku no Natsuyasumi
Gunparade March
Book of Watermarks
Gran Turismo
Crash Bandicoot
I.Q Final
PaRappa the Rapper
The Legend of Dragoon

Almost everything on here is PlayStation owned. Arc the Lad and Book of Watermarks, as shown before, are from Arc Entertainment. The Yarudora games are from Sugar & Rockets and also Sony owned. Gran Turismo, Doko Demo Issyo (Toro’s series) and Legend of Dragoon are also PS owned. And the other weird pick of games (Alundra 2, Jumping Flash 2, I.Q Final, OreShika and Boku no Natsuyasumi) all have Contrail in common. That leaves Crash, PoPoLoCrois, PaRappa and Gunparade March.

While there is the Crash Bandicoot Japanese theme, and there is also music from PoPoLoCrois PS1, on that soundtrack, I believe those to be the only exceptions (there is also PaRappa but we’ve gone into the weird situation with that in an earlier post). My reasoning would be that SCEJ owns/ed the Japanese Crash theme (as they published it in Japan) for Crash; and the PoPoLoCrois music could be a similar case, given that PPLC was originally a manga before the PS1 game.

Admittedly, this is just speculation, but I don’t have any reason to believe that GPM is in a similar case. GPM has still remained on PlayStation consoles after all this time, unlike Crash who has been multiplatform for a while, and PoPoLoCrois, which had a 3DS game just last year, in 2015.

The last bits of evidence I have to show are in the multimedia material. Specifically, both the manga and the anime adaptations:


Now I don’t know anything about Japanese, so I can’t verify myself what the Japanese release of the manga says on the cover. I also can’t reference or check the other PS series to get manga adaptation (since none of them seem to have been translated into English)

I can however check the anime. I do not have a good quality screenshot on hand but Sony DEFINITELY is mentioned in the anime’s opening. The closest comparisons/references that could be used are Arc the Lad, Ape Escape, PaRappa the Rapper and Wild Arms TV adaptations. Again, what was not localized (Ape Escape and PaRappa) I cannot verify myself. This time, luckily, Arc the Lad and Wild Arms TV both got dubs (and thus officially translated credits). Both of those shows have “Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and SPE Visual Works Inc. Present” right at the beginning. Unfortunately, it’s not so clear cut with GPM. The only credit Sony gets there is “Original Story by SCEI” and there are no other mentions of Sony in either the opening or ending credits (from what I have seen).

While the anime doesn’t clear things up as cleanly as I would have hoped, I think at this point, it is probably safe to assume that Gunparade March is probably a SIE-owned PlayStation series. And if it isn’t a PS series then I have to say, whoever was responsible made it REALLY confusing to tell if it wasn’t (in other words, I am fairly confident in this). I don’t have all that much more to add to the topic. Like I said, I don’t know all that much about the series itself because it seems overly obscure outside of the Japan. I do want to say that it is interesting to rediscover long forgotten series.

To sum things up:
-SCEI copyrights on the Gunparade March wallpapers
-SCEI copyrights on the Gunparade March website itself
-Appearance on Game Music Collection SCEJ The Best
-SCEI mentioned on the Manga and Anime adaptations


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