IP’s of: Sony Interactive Entertainment part 1


(The game pictured here is a Japanese only game Addie no Okurimono: To Moze from Addie, in English this can be translated as “Addie’s Present”)

To avoid any confusion, this update will not be talking about the titles that have been published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, as there would be far too many to list. What this will actually be about is the games SIE itself has developed (as SIE has developed a number of unique titles alongside the other studios)

To preface this, I had the day off today. Besides playing a whole bunch of racing games (I’d recently bought Gran Turismo 5 and the first two MotorStorm games and finally gave them a spin) I also decided to look into “Sony Interactive Entertainment” as a way to start the process of confirming Intellectual Properties.

Most of the games and IP’s produced from by SIE has been from the earlier PlayStation generations with far fewer titles from them in recent years. To confirm any information, I used the Giant Bomb wiki’s list of developed games by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Then I cross referenced the listed developers next to GameFAQS and PSX Data Center (mostly using an Excel spreadsheet, which I plan to complete and probably upload somewhere on this blog). Here is what I was able to confirm using this method:

Confirmed, Internally Developed Titles:
Panekit (I believe this had success on its re-release on the PSN)
Addie no Okurimono (Addie’s Present, a fan translation was in the works before)
Aconcagua (There was a translated playthrough on YT but it’s incomplete)
Gekitotsu Toma L’Arc (A sequel to an obscure PS1 game now featuring some band)
Shachou Eiyuuden (An interesting game developed with China in mind IIRC)

Possibly Co-Developed Titles:
Motor Toon Grand Prix (the first, Japanese only game) with Polyphony Digital
Intelligent Qube with G-Artists
Beat Planet Music with Opus Corp
Okage: Shadow King with Zener Works
Everybody’s Tennis with Clap Hanz
Eyetoy Kinetic Combat with SIE London

They’ve also worked on spinoff titles for certain/existing series like:
Eyetoy: Monkey Mania, Ape Escape on the Loose, IQ Mania and Saru Get You: Piposaru Racer

These are the games I could confirm between Giant Bomb, GameFAQs and PSX Data Center (with “confirm” in this context meaning that they all had the same information listed). The following games are a bit more suspect with confusing or conflicting information.

Unconfirmed, but Likely
Yarudora: Blood the Last Vampire PSP
Surveillance Kanshisa / with IG Production
Phase Paradox

Yarudora: Blood the Last Vampire, Surveillance Kanshisha and Phase Paradox are all technically unconfirmed. However, all of these games have the DNA of Sugar & Rocket’s work; Yarudora is obvious, Surveillance Kanshisha is yet another collaboration with the animation studio I.G, who animated for the Yarudora series PS1 games; and Phase Paradox is seemingly set in the same universe as Philosoma, a Sugar & Rockets PS1 title (also for myself, I have to remember G-Artists worked on Philosoma as well as Intelligent Qube). Since Sugar & Rockets was definitely rolled back into SIE in 2000 (alongside others like Arc Entertainment), I’d say these are indeed SIE titles (I just need to confirm that information).

Unconfirmed and Unclear
Sagashi no Ikouyo
Finny Fish & the Seven Waters
Flipnic: Ultimate Pinball
Talkman Travel
Bomberman Bakufuu Sentai Bomberman
Ape Escape Million Monkeys
Monster Radar
Legend of Kunoichi

These are a bit harder to confirm. Some of these games have very interesting situations. Finny and Flipnic, just from memory, are SIE developed games that are, somehow, NOT published by SIE but by Capcom and Konami instead. Others have to be confirmed via other means (PSX Data Center doesn’t cover any PS console past PS2 or any PS handheld that’s not the PSP).

Legend of Dragoon
LocoRoco and LocoRoco 2

These pop up on the Giant Bomb page, which is confusing as I was always lead to believe these titles were actually Studio Japan titles. These will have to be looked into.

This is all for the time being. I plan to fully discover everything about these games before moving on to the next studio. I do think that will genuinely take a while to happen though; tracking down information on Gekitotsu Toma L’Arc is already leading me down this Rabbit Hole, starting with the original game, Gekisou TomaRunner, developed by a studio named Desert Productions who as it turns out, later developed a PS2 game named Mad Maestro which I’ve seen pop up in the SIE Wikipedia page. Point being, there’s a lot of information to wade through here.

I will be updating the PS IP Page with related entries to SIE from here.


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