IP’s of: Sony Interactive Entertainment part 1.5

This is a mini update regarding the progress of this topic.

A) So far, I’ve decided to sort Surveillance: Kanshisha and Phase Paradox as fully owned IP’s. I am debating whether to add the Yarudora series under their ownership as well. I’ve already added Philosoma to the List, I might as well add the Yarudora series under there as well (I’ll just put a disclaimer/label that lists the connection via Sugar & Rockets)

B) Yarudora: Blood the Last Vampire I think will probably be removed, or maybe mentioned in a basic manner. The main goal is to find games that are owned by SIE and while I have no doubts about the Yarudora series as a PS IP, I’m fairly certain that this specific game is just a licensed title with Yarudora gameplay. I don’t think Blood is owned by Sony so I don’t see much point in listing it there, that’s the reasoning.

C) I’m also removing/not going to verify Bomberman’s status because it just isn’t a PlayStation IP. The whole situation with that game seems weird and morbidly interesting, but I know Konami owns the Bomberman IP via Hudson. Looking into that topic is just not relevant to my interests.

D) I’m also not mentioning the spinoffs. I’ll add what series that SIE has worked on through spinoffs but it will be less confusing later on when we get to the studios that created the IP.

E) I also noticed that I missed a few games. Here is what I have forgotten:
Toro’s Friend Network, Charge! Tank Squad, Hand Dic(tionary), Homerun Hitters, Pet in TV

F)  I believe a couple of extra, related developers may have to be covered before this topic is completed. Besides Sugar & Rockets (because of Yarudora and Philosoma), there is the developer G-Artists, now known as Epics, who originally worked on Philosoma and Intelligent Qube (the latter of which had extra entries by Sugar & Rockets) and the other developer I mentioned previously, Desert Productions. Desert Productions were responsible for Gekisou TomaRunner, which had a sequel developed by SIE featuring an actual Japanese band named L’Arc-en-Ciel. I have yet to determine if Desert Productions is the same as Desert Planning as I initially believed in my last post.

G) The biggest difficulty right now is trying to verify the developers for the remaining games. PSX Data Center is very, very useful but it has not covered every PS1, PS2 or PSP game. PSX Data Center does not cover the PS3 era as well. While I think the process will be quick afterwards, I think that simply finding a reliable third source for verification may be a bit troublesome.

(While part of this is for others to read, most of this post is for myself so I don’t forget what I was up to).


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