IP’s of: Sony Interactive Entertainment, part of Sugar & Rockets games

This will be a brief post as it is mostly just posting the research completed into Sugar & Rockets so far.

According to the Japanese Wikipedia page, Sugar & Rockets are involved, in various extents, with the following games:

The Yarudora Series. This includes:
Vol. 1 Double Cast
Vol. 2 Kisetsu o Dakishimete
Vol. 3 Sampaguita
Vol. 4 Yukiwari no Hana
Blood the Last Vampire – First Volume and
Blood the Last Vampire – Last Volume

(The last two games also apparently got a PSP port long after Sugar & Rockets was re-integrated into SIE but I have yet to verify this)

They also seemed to have self-developed:

Pet in TV” and “Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn

The involvement of Sugar & Rockets for the following games is less clear. Other games that are on the Wikipedia page are:

Philosoma, PoPoLoCrois, Ghost in the Shell, Jumping Flash and Intelligent Qube

Two other parties are mentioned among these games, meaning Sugar & Rockets possibly weren’t developing these games by themselves (the Google Translated page of Sugar & Rockets also lists them as a production house a la Contrail, though I can’t check that myself, so I’m not going to put too much stock in that piece of info). The two parties are:

G-Artists (for Philosoma, PoPoLoCrois and the IQ series)
Exact (for Jumping Flash! and Ghost in the Shell)

We’ll remove Ghost in the Shell and PoPoLoCrois from these; GitS is certainly not a PlayStation series while PoPoLoCrois is based on a manga, and has a 3DS videogame entry, counting the game out from these discussions.

I’m not entirely familiar with G-Artists and Exact. A quick search tells me that Exact were possibly absorbed into Sugar & Rockets (before they were S&R itself was reabsorbed into SIE). G-Artists worked for SIE for quite some time until they renamed themselves “Epics” and started to work for all sorts of third parties.

I’m not so quick to accept this information without verifying it, though I will say that the part about Exact would line up with what would happen with the Jumping Flash IP (Sugar & Rockets would eventually put out extra games in the series; S&R having the actual JF team would make sense with that context).

It is interesting to note that the Philosoma IP’s universe would be used by SIE in Phase Paradox while PoPoLoCrois would go on to have a recent 3DS game (I have to assume that there’s some special situation with PoPoLoCrois and Epics, similar to Capcom and the Strider series/Strider Hiryu character)

While I still have to fully confirm all of this with PSX Data Center, the shortened version seems to be:

Fully Developed and Owned series:
The Yarudora Series and all of its games (sans the Blood spinoffs)
Pet in TV
Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn
Jumping Flash series

Co-Developed, Still Owned series:
Intelligent Qube 


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