PlayStation IP Discoveries 03: “Okage: Shadow King” (me and Satan King)

(This is the first new IP discovery / confirmation post. The artist is Tsutomu Sekimoto, though even the Japanese wikipedia page seems to be lacking in information about them)

While I wasn’t actively looking for confirmation of this series, I did somehow manage to stumble on these images that seem to show Sony’s ownership of the IP. Okage: Shadow King is a fairly early PS2 RPG and while I’m not going to give much of an overview here (read this instead), Okage did get a re-release for PS4 this year.

The best evidence for the ownership of Okage by Sony is from the official art. While the internet has very little information regarding the previously mentioned artist, there is a hefty amount of conceptual and official art of the game that has (thankfully) been copyrighted.


This site (NSFW title warning) has the biggest collection of Okage concept and official art, though it the quality is much lower than that of other concept art searches on Tumblr.

The other way we know Okage is Sony material is through a pair of wallpapers provided by the website, RPGFan, and its picture section of Okage (click on these for bigger versions of the images). The copyright is listed as 2001 under Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


There is just one small problem regarding these images; there is no “true” source for all of this concept art. Due to the age of the game, as well as its obscurity, it’s hard to find all that much information about the origins of these images. I won’t go as far to say as these are “fake” but they are less compelling for use as evidence of Sony’s ownership of the IP.

For the wallpapers, I can only assume they’re from an official website that is no longer online. I have tried both the Japanese and English wikipedia entries but they do not provide any link, dead or otherwise, to such a website. The concept art is even harder to guess at. The only guess I have is that they come from the Japanese guide of the game, though this is only a theory.

The other evidence of Sony ownership was the Japanese Wikipedia page, specifically the entries under Production and Copyright (Sony Computer Entertainment appears under both of these entries). This was not used as the main evidence for this post because, as has been mentioned constantly in this blog, I have no understanding of the Japanese language and the best I can do is Google Translate. That said, I do believe between all of these images and a potentially incorrect Google translation, it is still likely it is a Sony series if only for the quantity of sources mentioning Sony’s development.

While I fully intend the source of these images (and I will definitely be updating this post when I do) I think, for the time being, this should be sufficient enough evidence for proving Sony’s ownership of the IP.


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