PlayStation All-Stars: Music Credits Discoveries part 1


(This should be the final PSAS-Watch Blog repost. The picture is mostly unrelated, but this was the coolest PlayStation Music related pictured I could find and it is an actually real soundtrack, unlike PSBR’s unreleased music)

Official List of Musical Credits, part 1

After deciding to watch through the credits of PlayStation Battle Royale again for another post I was going to make (don’t worry, I had the video sped up tremendously), I’ve made a few interesting discoveries.

I had always known a little from the credits. Namely, there was the fact that Ninja Theory was not at all credited for Heavenly Sword. They were listed in DmC, but under Heavenly Sword, the credit went to a different studio. I did relearn that Platinum, or at least two people, were involved with the game (unsurprising since Raiden is based off his Rising appearance). What I missed last time is the musical credits.

Aside from it helping to try and track down who actually worked on the music, it has cast a bit of light on the musical rights in the game. Here are what is mentioned in the game.

3rd Parties:
Bioshock, Dead Space

1st Parties:
God of War I, II and III, Heavenly Sword, Hot Shots Golf, infamous, Jak I and II, Killzone 2, PaRappa the Rapper, Ratchet and Clank I and III, Resistance 3, Thieves in Time, Starhawk, Uncharted 2, Unfinished Swan, Twisted Metal

LittleBigPlanet, MediEvil, Doko Demo Issyo, Gravity Rush, Metal Gear, Ape Escape, Tekken, LocoRoco,

The notable discoveries here are:
Gravity Rush: Kat is already in the game, but there are no musical credits for Gravity Rush. This basically confirms that the Gravity Rush and Journey stage would not have had official music from Gravity Rush, as Emmett is already in the game and has music, but has no stage. There is still no clue as to what track the Journey side would have used though.

PaRappa the Rapper: This is one is surprising. I have two guesses to this; either his miscellaneous music, like victory themes, are from the series, or the credit may be for PaRappa’s Level 3. (The latter seems likely, as there were early copyright issues regarding PaRappa’s Level 3 early after the game’s announcement. I will have to refind this source of information)

Ape Escape (This one is also surprising. I had always assumed that they had the rights to Ape Escape music since Time Station and Spector’s theme are obviously the themes for the respective Stage Crossovers. I have to assume that either they were not credited properly, which is unlikely, or that they made sound-a-likes of the themes instead)

Hot Shots Golf (Considering the appearance of Hot Shots Golf in the game, the Sandover Village music must be from an actual game)

Of these, I believe the Hot Shots Golf discovery is the most notable one. The usual resources have no mention of the music’s origin, which has lead it to being named as an original track.

I’m personally going to try and verify this, since it seems unlikely that it is a mere error. So far, the main lead I have for this is the composers in the credits (who are named as “Arling & Cameron”

There are more details (like the wording of the credits; some are “Original Music by” and others are just “Much by”) but that will be done in a future follow up post.


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