SIE Researched IP’s 2: Monster Radar, P-Kara and Hand Dictionary

Here is the second wave of researched SIE IP’s

Monster Radar
A Japanese only Vita game that seems to be some sort of Augumented Reality title. There’s a lot ofconflicting information. The exact developer is either SIE (according to Giant Bomb) or Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. (this is according to both GameFAQs and the in-game title screen’s copyright (as seen here). The publisher also seems to differ on the site; Giant Bomb is saying it’s SIE as pub/dev, GameFAQs and GameSpot are saying it was Sony Marketing as pub/dev and the PocketGamer review of the title places Sony Online Entertainment as the publisher, which confuses things even more. While it seems it’s connection to Sony is pretty clear, whether it belongs to SIE itself seems to be a completely different story.

PSP, 2006
A Japanese only rhythm game. According to IGN, the title is a four player Karaoke game that is played using the PSP Microphone Headset Accessory. IGN is telling me that SIE Korea was also involved with the game (this time they actually developed it rather than published it). The IGN page on SIEK is also giving me more new information and, if it’s reliable, I might be using that for future reference.

That said, SIEK’s involvement is directly in contradiction to Giant Bomb’s wiki and as P-Kara’s GameFAQs page which list no such involvement from SIEK. Many other sites I have come across (including VGArchive and Play-Asia) also list only SIE as the developer. It also doesn’t make all that much sense for the Korean division to develop a game that wouldn’t be released for Korea too. This site also doesn’t make any mention of SIE Korea
Regardless of the conflicting information regarding which division of SIE developed it, for the intents of this blog the game is strongly confirmed to be owned by PlayStation and that’s all I’m really interested in.

Hand Dic – Hand Dictionary
PSP, 2005
This seems to be less of a videogame and more of an application for the PSP that allows translations (it still seems to have be sold as a game though). Interestingly, the app was a Korean release and was also published by SIE’s Korean Division (according to the Giant Bomb Wiki). There is not a lot of information about it, but there seems to be no confusion over its developer (and said developer seems to be SIE).


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