September Post of Break Week, Platform Fighters and Expo’s


Since my one free week out of the next few weeks is coming up, I’m going to be a bit of a busy bee and there is going to be a lot of updates/catching up on all of my blogs.

First off, let’s talk about my new blog, Platform Fighting. Since I’m lazy, the site can be found under and the site’s focus, as you can tell, is going to be primarily on Platform Fighters. I’ve run into quite a lot of these games recently (currently I am going through Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion, while also doing Blue Mischief’s trial and that Kanon and Air Smash I always planned on doing) so there will be a few updates on those games.

I’ve also happened to run into a few more obscure Platform Fighters, namely these three:

Moe-Moe (which features characters from Read or Die and FLCL)

Crista Caelestis (which is a Ragnarok Online doujinshi Platform Fighter)

And also Queen Busters which is an admittedly, very primitive looking Smash Clone with some characters from Tsukihime

I’m not sure if copies these games are possible to attain (legally at least) but I do plan on exploring these games on my Blog when the time comes. My Platform Fighter list my get moved over to my new Blog as well, though I would need to fix up the criteria and also update that list quite a bit (and I’m already planning to handle a lot in the next week, so we’ll have to see what comes off that.

I’m also planning on completing my research on all of SIE’s IP’s in the following week. I’m hoping to not have to write about Sugar & Rockets and Arc Entertainment before the week is done, so let’s hope that gets done. For the PlayStation Battle Royale sequel ideas, I’m not sure if that will be done so quickly because admittedly, even I’m a bit unsure on how to approach character representation (and I really want the post to be perfect because it’s one topic that I have spent a lot of time thinking about).

Lastly, with the EB Expo here in Australia occurring next weekend, I think I might consider doing a coverage post of it here on this blog. I’ve been to the Expo almost all of the years it’s been run here in NSW (except for last year, I accidentally missed it) and I’ve always been meaning to write about it since there are a lot of cool Australian made games there (including a relevant Power Stone/Smash Hybrid that I wish I could still remember the name of). While I don’t think I’ll be able to record anything, I’ll be making sure that I’ll at least be taking impressions of any games I get to try out. I’ll also write about any Australian game there that happens to catch my interest (especially if it happens to be a Platform Fighter) so expect that before the end of next week.


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