SIE Researched IP’s 3: The rest of the titles

Here is the third (and hopefully) last wave of SIE IP’s.

Charge! Tank Squad
PSP, 2010
A game that seems to be a PlayStation Mini title. It seems to primarily be a PSP title, though according to Wikipedia, but most PS Mini’s can be compatible with PS3 and the Vita as well. Information on this game is extremely scarce. The only other sources I could compare developers to were a gameplay video and the Wikipedia page on PS Mini’s.

Giant Bomb and GameFAQs both say it is SIE, however the game gives credit to SCEJ instead (as does the Wikipedia page, though that mistakenly links to the SIE page instead). While normally I wouldn’t go against Giant Bomb Wiki and GameFAQs’ info, it seems that they incorrect. The game definitely displays SCEJ in the opening acknowledgements, and it is even for the English release too.

If it were a Japanese release with SCEJ in the title, I think it could probably be SCEJ simply publishing the title. It seems highly unlikely, however, that SCEJ would be publishing the American release of the game, leaving it as potentially the developer instead.

In all, it is definitely a PlayStation IP, though I will be putting in under SIEJ rather than SIE.

Legend of Kunoichi
PSP, 2010
Another PlayStation Mini title. Again, I used a gameplay video, the Wikipedia PSMini’s page, Giant Bomb and GameFAQs. This time, only Giant Bomb was incorrect (listing SIE) while all of the other sources had SIEJ as the developer.

Another SIEJ title to add to the list.

Homerun Hitters
PSP, 2010
Yet ANOTHER PlayStation Mini title.

Same process, same result (as Charge! Tank Squad). It’s listed as SIE but it’s actually developed by SIEJ.

Flipnic: Ultimate Pinball
PS2, 2005
One of the first mystery games to get cleared up, it seems as though Flipnic’s strange publisher issue is the result Ubisoft and Capcom choosing to publish the title outside of Japan. The PCSX2 Wiki is the first place I noticed this information, and this is also mentioned in an old GameSpot article that mentions that the title was indeed “developed at Sony Computer Entertainment

The GameSpot article fits for PAL release, while the US release by Capcom is corroborated by Giant Bomb and GameFAQs’ pages In retrospect, this is a very obvious result, though I have to admit that seeing a Bomberman game among a list of titles developed by SIE was a very confusing thing to see the first time.

PS3, 2008
A gardening simulator PS3 game that did not get released outside of Japan. Despite what Giant Bomb had to say about the developer, the title was actually developed by a company known as Premium Agency. This information is corroborated by GameFAQs, though the best source for this was an IGN article.

Premium Agency is described as “a firm that specializes in movie contents” with Rie Nakamura as the producer. I cannot seem to find too much about Nakamura from English sites. IMDb mentions he was involved with titles like Vanquish, Dead or Alive Paradise and Death by Cube (the last of these is the most interesting, as Death Cube is another Premium Agency title). IGDB (Internet Game Database) mentions Vanquish and he also gets acredit on Gran Turismo 6’s credits (under Special Thanks).

On the topic of whether the title belongs to Sony, I have no evidence so far to say that it does. The same IGN article does mention Shikitei as being “from Sony Japan’s development lab” but it’d be very premature to claim it is from only a single source. More research is required.

Finny the Fish & the Seven Waters
PS2, 2005
Similarly to Flipnic, this title is also published by a different company for release outside of Japan. Unlike Flipnic, it seems there may be some strange copyright issues with the game.

Besides the game mentioning the title was developed in collobration with Sega, the credits of the game according to MobyGames seems to have development be primarily Sega with help from SIE. The artists and programmers are all on the Sega side, however at least one of the game designers was from SIE.

Said designer is YeonKyung Kim. Kim is heavily involved in a number of PlayStation titles according to a quick background check on MobyGames, though Finny is his only title as a Game Designer. Most of his other credits are primarily as “Vice President” or “Producer”, but make no mistake, he has worked on titles like Resistance, Uncharted, Patapon and Motorstorm under these positions.

Unlike the last person we looked into, Yamamoto, I don’t believe there is enough circumstantial evidence to say that this title is SIE’s. Just the fact that most developmental credits are on the Sega side of this collaboration are proof enough.


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