IP’s of: Sony Interactive Entertainment part 2


(The series featured here is Jumping Flash. No source on the image. It was attained from a general, catchall wallpapers website, and it’s always a nuisance tracking down where those websites have taken the original art from)

This post was originally intended to cap off my research into SIE’s potential IP’s. However I have found out recently that I have actually missed out on a lot of titles. Our work is not quite done just yet.

I had used Giant Bomb’s page on SIE IP’s for the first post, and while it has no doubt been useful I have missed out on a far more useful resource, specifically the page on SCEI on GameFAQs. I missed this page because I had looked for SIE’s page on GameFAQs instead of SCEI. That was a mistake as apparently SCEI and SIE have two different pages, with SCEI covering titles all the way to the 80’s even. This list is very, very extensive, even if it is cut down to Developer or Publisher only parameters, meaning I have my work cut out for me.

To take a break from SIE’s extensive library of developed, produced and published IP’s, I will be finally looking into Arc Entertainment and Contrail’s libraries. But first, Here is the list of all work done so far. You will have to visit the respective pages for more detailed information on the reasoning. This page is specifically intended to be a quick reference (so far) on what has been worked on.

Confirmed, Internally Developed Titles:
Panekit, Addie no OkurimonoAconcagua, Shachou Eiyuuden, Surveillance Kanshisha,  TVDJ, Sagashi no Ikouyo, Handdic – Hand Dictionary, Flipnic: Ultimate Pinball

Co-Developed Series
Philosoma (with G-Artists, internal developed sequel Phase Paradox)
Gekisou TomaRunner (with Desert Productions, internal sequel Toma L’Arc)
Beat Planet Music (with Opus Corp)
Okage: Shadow King (with Zener Works)

Produced Series
Hermie Hopperhead (Scrap Panic by Yuke’s, Tamago de Puzzle by Matrix Software)

Owned Series (via Sugar & Rockets)
Yarudora series, Pet in TV, Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn, Jumping Flash series

Owned Series (via Arc Entertainment)
Love & Destroy, Book of Watermarks

Owned Series (via Contrail)
Alundra series (with Matrix Software)

Other Related Titles
Supported Series
Everybody’s titles, Eyetoy series, Ape Escape series, Motor Toon Grand-Prix, Toro’s series

Disproved Titles
Charge! Tank Squad, Legend of Kunoichi, Homerun Hitters (these are owned by SIEJ)

Unconfirmed Titles
Monster Radar, P-Kara, Shiki-Tei, Finny the Fish & the Seven Waters

Master List of Owned IP’s (so far)
Panekit, Addie no Okurimono, Aconcagua, Shachou Eiyuuden, Surveillance Kanshisha, Sagashi no Ikouyo, Handdic – Hand Dictionary, Flipnic: Ultimate Pinball, Philosoma, Phase Paradox, Gekisou TomaRunner, Beat Planet Music, Okage: Shadow King, Hermie Hopperhead: Scrap Panic, Tamago de Puzzle, Yarudora series, Pet in TV, Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn, Jumping Flash series, Love & Destroy, Book of Watermarks, Alundra series

Stay tuned


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