Potential Resource: Impress.Watch’s copyright notices

This is going to be a really (actual) quick post. After trying to find ways to confirm the ownership of series easily, I have discovered the site Game.Watch.Impress.co.jp

While I had seen the site before, I did end up on it again when I tried confirming certain series via Wallpapers (since they’d been a useful way to confirm copyright in the past). I did notice that most screenshots they post always came with copyrights, and after confirming it with Yarudora Portable, then Arc the Lad, I finally tested it with Ratchet and Clank (since unlike the other two, it’s not an in-house developed game). I had the same result.

(C) [insert date] Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.” was labelled under each screenshot. In the case of Ratchet and Clank, it was accompanied with “©Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC. Developed by Insomniac Games.

I will have to confirm with all of the IP have looked into so far (this may not be possible for older IP though). But so far this seems like it will be a handy, future resource. (Also I just want to mention how annoying it was to find Ratchet and Clank’s title in Japanese)


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