Impress.Watch Confirmations post no. 1

Due to the number of titles that I will now have to verify using this new method, I think I will be doing these infrequently (so rather than having the mindset “okay, I have to get this out of the way now” I’ll be doing these at my own pace, and when it’s relevant).

As a starting point, I tested it against the titles I covered in PlayStation IP Discoveries, just to be on the safe side. I previously tested the Yarudora series in my initial discovery post, so I won’t be reposting it here again. I also tested it against Arc the Lad, and will be testing it next against other Arc Entertainment’s IPs if it is possible (I already tried it with Granstream Saga but I didn’t get any hits whatsoever).

I also tried it against several SIE IP’s that I’d proven, though a good chunk of them were a bit too old or obscure to get any meaningful results from.

Okage: Shadow King
All pictures were Sony copyrighted

Gunparade March
Pictures were copyrighted with only Sony if they were related to GPM
Drama DVD
Puzzle Title 
An article regarding the anime had a copyright with SCIE and Project GPM
Project GPM 

Gunparade Orchestra
*New Information*
All pictures with Orchestra were copyrighted with Sony and Bandai / Bandai Visual
Gunparade Orchestra 
A mobile related endeavour with GPM and GPO showed the same;
=March was copyrighted SCEI
=Orchestra was copyrighted with SCEI and Bandai / Bandai Visual
=KenRan Project also popped up, presumably they are the mobile devs
Mobile, GPM, GPO 

Panekit, Jumping Flash 2
Page of Titles 
Panekit Copyright
Jumping Flash 2 Copyright
This site also managed to confirm several other IP’s I was interested in looking for
Depth / Fluid (English Title)
XI / Devil Dice (English Title)
Jet Moto  (interesting copyright here)

Surveillance Kanshisha
One Article Only
This was the only article I could find with images and a copyright

Philosoma, Pet in TV, Gunners Heaven, OreShika
Original Site
Gunners Heaven
Pet in TV

Gekisou TomaRunner
Not Enough Sources
I couldn’t confirm this. Most of the hits only briefly mention the title (without it being the primary focus). The only article where it was the “focus” ironically didn’t have any copyrights at all on it (it also focused on the title Global Force: Shin Sentou Kokka, another title I’ve been hoping to confirm). I’m not too bothered by the lack of copyright as several searches have had similar results, though the difference is that I could usually find other articles to confirm them from. This annoyingly wasn’t the case for Gekisou TomaRunner.

Other Titles
TGS 2003 Article
SirenMojib Ribbon, Kuma Uta
ChainDive, Ratchet and Clank and Gran Turismo 4 have copyrights on the page itself
-As it turns out, Kuma Uta (a title I had intentionally overlooked) is PlayStation related and was developed by the creators of Jumping Flash (I was under the impression that MuuMuu was absorbed into Sugar & Rockets; this will require more research)
-Other noteworthy title with a copyright is Gacharoku 2 (GameFAQs page)
-The remaining titles are Wild Arms Alter Code F and the PS2 PoPoLoCrois title; both of these had booths according to the page, but neither have any copyright on the website
Another page on TGS 2003 had Eyetoy (with no Copyrights, since the images were photos and not in-game images) and Everybody’s Golf and SOCOM (with Copyrights)

Rally Cross
Image with Copyright

Velldeselba Senki
Image with Copyright

Series with No Hits
TVDJ, Flipnic, The Book of Watermarks, Hermie Hopperhead, Tamago de Puzzle, Covert Ops / Chase the Express

Series with Too Many Hits
Sagashi no Ikouyo
This is not intended as a joke; the title in Japanese must be very generic as I am not getting any videogame related articles whatsoever

Other Notes
PlayStation C.A.M.P Interview, circa 2006
There is an extremely interesting interview that I came across regarding PlayStation C.A.M.P; while it’s not immediately relevant to the topic, it is an interesting read as it cites that C.A.M.P’s had a predecessor from 1995 to 1999 and the results of which included titles such as Panekit, Devil Dice, Mad Maestro and possibly Doko Demo Issyo (the home series for the Sony Japan mascot, Toro Inoue, though this is only going off Google Translate)


Okage Shadow King
Gunparade March
Jumping Flash 2
Surveillance Kanshisha
Pet in TV
Gunners Heaven
Mojib Ribbon
Kuma Uta
Rally Cross
Velldeselba Senki

New Information:
Gunparade Orchestra

Insufficient Hits:
Gekisou TomaRunner, Global Force: Shin Sentou Kokka

No Hits:
TVDJ, Flipnic, Book of Watermarks, Hermie Hopperheat, Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn

Further Research
Sagashi no Ikouyo


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