The IP’s of PlayStation Experience 2016


(This screnshot is of Starblood: Arena, a new PSVR and first party PlayStation title)

This year’s PlayStation Experience has brought a lot of new first party offerings (as well as some very interesting third party ones, but those are not relevant for this post).

From the main conference, the following first party titles were shown off:
Gran Turismo Sport (Polyphony Digital)
Gravity Rush 2 DLC (Japan Studio/Team Gravity)
MLB The Show 17 (San Diego Studio)
The Last Guardian (Japan Studio)
The Last of Us Part II (Naughty Dog)
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (Naughty Dog)
Knack 2 (Japan Studio)
WipEout: Omega Collection (XDev, Clever Beans, Epos, according to trailer)
PaRappa, Patapon, LocoRoco HD (???)

There’s not too much to say about most of these.
=Gravity Rush 2 and The Last Guardian are both releasing fairly soon (they both also got pushed back a while ago, with the DLC being shown off now being given for free because of the delay)
=Gran Turismo Sport and MLB: The Show 17 are both the latest entries in what are fairly consistent PlayStation series
=The Last of Us Part II and Knack 2 are both series now.
=Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is DLC. I’ve heard that it’s standalone DLC, like inFamous First Light, but I’m not 100% sure on that (I’m not really an Uncharted fan).

WipEout: Omega Collection and the PaRappa/Patapon/LocoRoco HD Remasters are probably the most interesting of the bunch here. These aren’t completely new games but they are being brought over to PS4 with improved graphics.

WipEout: Omega Collection is interesting in that the main developers responsible for the series are no more. I do recall rumors about former Studio Liverpool employees getting together, but I’ll have to re-look into that. Further research will also be done into Epos and Clever Beans.

The PaRappa/Patapon/LocoRoco announcements are about as interesting since it hasn’t been mentioned who is working on it yet (it’s not in the trailer or the PS Blog so far). Another element personally interests me about this reveal is the copyright notices. I’ve posted before about how, according to a discussion on NeoGAF, PaRappa may not be a fully first party IP. The trailer for this triple game remake gives a little more insight into that.

Both on the video’s description, as well as before the video’s end, Rodney Greenblat and Interlink Planning copyrights can be seen alongside a copyright for Sony Interactive Entertainment. Another point of interest is the fact that Patapon also has an extra copyright notice. Interlink Planning is also involved but rather than Rodney Greenblat, the name Rolito is next to it.


From the excellent PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale History videos by Youtuber bobthepetferret, I’ve already known there was something going on with Patapon’s copyrights as well. That said, I did not know Interlink Planning was also involved with Patapon (and I always assumed it was only related to Greenblat). This is going to be something else to look into the future as well.

Aside from the copyright notices, I do believe it’ll be interesting to see who is specifically working on the game, and how the remasters/remake got the greenlight in the first place.

There was one other title of interest during the main conference. That was the new Housemarque title Nex Machina. Responsible for first party titles like Alienation, Resogun and the Dead Nation titles, Nex Machina was surprisingly NOT related to PlayStation. I’ve even checked, and there’s no mention of Sony’s involvement, with the only relevant copyright notices being from Housemarque themselves.

I guess I should also mention Death Stranding. I forgot that the title isn’t necessarily first party (but I assumed so due to it appearing under the SIE section of the PSX Wikipedia page). I’ve noticed some discussion on GAF on the game probably changing to a proper first party title but that will need to be looked into.

While I’m still combing through all of the announcements made from the PlayStation Experience, it seems there is at least one fully new, first party game that was not in the conference. A PlayStation VR Mech Shooter, this game is called Starblood Arena.

According to its announcement trailer, it is a multiplayer title that is being developed by Whitemoon Dreams Inc. and San Diego Studio (MLB The Show series). Going off from both the official website, as well as the announcement trailer, the game is definitely owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

(Both the Website and Trailer can be seen here: )


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