PlayStation: PSVR IP’s so far (late 2016)


This is a quick post looking into the current new IP’s that have been developed for PSVR. Existing IP’s to give PSVR support or got PSVR entries are not included here.
The following IP’s I have been able to confirm as being owned by Sony. The method for which this was checked with was looking at the copyrights of each game’s announcement trailers. For some others where it was not clear (like Farpoint) extra research was also done into the matter. This post will get updated with a bit more information in the future.



Developer: Impulse Gear
Genre: First Person Shooter
Still In Development


Here They Lie

Developer: Tangentlemen
Genre: Horror
Released: October 2016 (All Regions)


The Modern Taxi Zombie Co.

Developer: Vitei Backroom
Genre: Driving(?)
Still In Development


RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

Developer: Guerilla Cambridge (MediEvil series, Primal, Ghosthunter)
Genre: Shooter
Released: October 2016 (All Regions)


PlayStation VR Worlds

Developer: SIE London (EyeToy, SingStar, Wonderbook)
Genre: Mini-Game Collection
Released: October 2016 (All Regions)


Starblood Arena
Developer: Whitemoon Dreams + SIE San Diego (MLB: The Show, The Mark of Kri)
Genre: Shooter
Still In Development

Other SIE published titles that are owned by Sony, but are not newly created series are:
-DriveClub VR, Hustle Kings VR, The Playroom VR, Super Stardust Ultra VR, Tumble VR
-Bound, Gran Turismo Sport, Shadow of the Beast, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

-I originally believed Tumble VR to be a new IP. It is not, with there being an earlier game, Tumble, released in 2010 (by the same developers)
-Most of this information was attained from Wikipedia. All of these titles were published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and were then later confirmed to be owned by them.
-There was two other titles that I could not put down here. The first was Statik: Issue of Retention, which is published by SIE but is stated to be owned by Tarsier Studios via the copyrights on its announcement trailer.
-The remaining title was “Joysound VR” which is listed on the PSVR Wikipedia page. It does not seem to bring up any hits when put into Google. It does bring up several Japanese language videos when placed into Youtube. More research is necessary.


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