Other Recent IP Confirmations

These are some other IP confirmations that I ended up doing for various reasons.

A title I randomly came across while searching through older PS1 games. To expand on that (as I mentioned this search previously), I’ve been on a bit of a PS1 Gaming Binge. After discovering Import Gaming FTW, and being exposed to the world of Japanese only PS1 titles, I’ve been interested in looking up such titles. Rimo-Cocoron was one title I came upon through this method. Terracon, I stumbled on less intentionally, though it is worth noting that it is also a single region release (with Terracon only releasing in Europe).

The copyright for this title is a bit unclear. From all media that I can find (wallpapers, websites and even the game’s cover) there is a definitive copyright of “Developed by Picturehouse, Published by SCEE” which makes it hard to say it is 100% owned by Sony (I say this because it lacks a PlayStation Network release. It could be possible that this never happened due to Picturehouse being defunct). My only other theory is that it could be a Ratchet and Clank situation, as I had previously come upon a Ratchet and Clank copyright, and in that situation, Insomniac is noted as the creator while Sony owns the IP. It’s still difficult to speak with certainty on the topic, but I certainly have my eye on the title.

Ratchet and Clank Copyright Comparison

GiantBomb Wiki on Developers

An article from around Terracon’s release

Circadia (Jp:  サーカディア )
A title I’ve been trying to confirm for a while. I became interested in this title again after learning that Poinie’s Poin, a recent discovery, also developed this title as well as ChainDive. Since I’ve started to head directly to gameplay videos for copyrights, it was a lot easier to find the information I needed. I also tried to confirm the status of the Malicious titles (which are the most recent and relevant PlayStation titles from Circadia’s developer, Alvion) but it seems that the Malicious titles (and its most recent entry, Malicious: Fallen) are published and developed by Alvion themselves.

Fukufuku no Shima (Jp: 福福の島)
Ever since Kuma Uta was (surprisingly) confirmed as an IP of Sony’s, I decided to look further into the developer of the title (Muu Muu) and came upon one other title developed for PlayStation, Fukufuku no Shima, and I was able to verify very quickly that yes, it is another Sony owned title.


Speed Power Gunbike
This is a smaller title that I’ve always been interested in (I found it a long time ago, a bit before my current Japanese only PS1 games phase). After checking out the copyright for the game (mostly just out of curiosity) it turns out that the game is Sony related… it just seems that it’s related to Sony Music Entertainment, not Sony Interactive. I’m not entirely sure what this means. I’m going to have to put a bit more research into this topic.

Xtreme Series
I’ve started to delve into 989 Studio’s list of works (because, aside from Cardinal Syn, I’ve never really looked into that studio’s output). So far, I’ve learned about the Xtreme series. Starting life as ESPN Extreme Games, the series eventually lost its licensing and became the Xtreme series, with individual titles taking on the confusing name conventions of 1Xtreme, 2Xtreme and 3Xtreme. I’ve also learned from YouTube that the games are not very popular.

Arc Entertainment’s titles
I had actually put off doing the Arc Entertainment post, purely because I had been unable to confirm the status of most of the titles Arc Entertainment were involved in. However, after recently realizing that the easiest way is to check gameplay videos (as more often than not, the copyright is displayed in the title screen of most games), I had no excuse to keep putting off the post.

I will hold off on the details until I make a proper Arc Entertainment post (which I intend to do soon) but it turns out that Love and Destroy and Great Peak are both co-owned games that are not owned wholly by Sony. I also managed to track down the titles of all of the PlayStation Comic titles that Arc Entertainment had a hand in, but again, that’s for later.

Enkaku Sosa
I’ve finally managed to track down the Japanese title of the game. Copyright is indeed Sony Computer Entertainment, which finally confirms the status of this title.



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