Japanese Confirmations post

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while. These are all videos with copyright confirmations of Sagashi ni Ikouyo, Dekavoice, DJ Decks & FX,  Dig-A-Dig Pukka, Seigi no Mikata, Eigo no Tetsujin, Kouashi Kikan Shidan ~ Bein Panzer, Pocket Jiman, Bakumatsu Ishinden, Check-I-TV and Shibai Michi. There is also Lagnacure, but that is Sony Music published. I intend to do a post on Sony Music published titles like Lagnacure.

Dekavoice (Jp: デカボイス )
Developed by Acquire
-Is the other voice controlled PS2 Title in the same lineage as Lifeline

Sagashi Ni Ikouyo


DJ Decks & FX

Dig-A-Dig Pukka (Jp: ここ掘れプッカ )

Seigi no Mikata (Jp: 正義の味方 )

Shibai Michi (Jp: しばいみち )


Bakumatsu Ishinden


Pocket Jiman

Kouashi Kikou Shidan – Bein Panzer

Eigo no Tetsujin: Center Shiken Trial
PS Link

Published by Sony Music


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