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Sentou Kokka series
Despite showing up on the Wikipedia page for SIE, Sentou Kokka doesn’t seem to belong to Sony Interactive Entertainment. There’s been a bit of conflicting information regarding the developers. Marionette seem to be the developers of the PS1 titles, and Soliton is the publisher for the sole PS2 title (that I’ve discovered). Yet a quick look at this video shows Soliton in the opening credits for Global Force: Shin Sentou Kokka (with no mention of Marionette at all). If this is a similar situation as Granstream Saga and it’s developers, Quintet and Shade, then I have yet to find any information mentioning the situation as so. Regardless of the lack of clear information, I’ve made note of the copyrights on some titles of the series (but not all).

1. Sentou Kokka: Air Land Battle (Dec 1, 1995)
(Jp: 戦闘国家 エアランドバトル)
Video Copyright:

  • “Created by SOLITON software”
  • “1995 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. under license from Locus Co.”

2. Sentou Kokka Kai Improved (April 11, 1997)
(Jp: 戦闘国家-改-インプルーブド)
Video Copyright:

  • “1997 Locus Co.”
  • “1997 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.”


3. Global Force: Shin Sentou Kokka (March 11, 1999)
(Jp: グローバルフォース 新・戦闘国家 )
Video Copyright:

  • “1999 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.”

4. Sentou Kokka Kai New Operations (March 31, 2005)
(Jp: ??? )

  • Known to be published by Kadokawa Shoten
  • Was an updated based on Sentou Kokka Kai
  • Brought back original staff members

5. Sentou Kokka Kai: Legend (June 21, 2007)
(Jp: グローバルフォース 新・戦闘国家 )

  • Aside from the fact that the title exists, I have not found any information on the title. I am under the impression that the title is either very obscure in Japanese as well, or that the translation I’ve been working from may be incorrect.

I couldn’t find all that much information for the later titles. It does seem very unlikely to be owned by Sony, as the series started off as being licensed to Sony. From what I’ve seen, it resembles a lot of the situation with the Cool Boarders series. The earlier titles aren’t owned by Sony, yet the later PlayStation titles had Sony’s sole copyright on the game.

Research Pages


Don 2 the Game
A game that was developed by Gameshastra (who were responsible for Kite Fight, Desi Adda: Games of India, and other titles). This seems to be a licensed movie game, which automatically disqualifies the idea of Sony owning the property.

Extermination, Hungry Ghosts
Both of these titles were developed by Deep Space Inc. and they both have multiple copyrights (both Deep Space’s copyright, and also Sony’s copyright).

Baby Universe,60698/

Guardian Recall

Quest for Fame

Bikkuri Mouse


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