Japanese Titles 1


Trick X Logic
Developed by Chunsoft

Season 1
Season 2

Juusei to Diamond
(Jp: 銃声とダイヤモンド )

Title Translated As:
Diamond and the Sound of a Gunshot

(Jp: チェインダイブ )
PS2 Title
Developers also developed CIRCADIA (Jp: サーカディア ) and Poinie’s Poin (Jp: ポイニーポイン ). Developers currently work on the Malicious titles (which appear on PlayStation platforms but are not owned by Sony).

ACQUIRE Corp. ( アクワイア ),   アクワイア (ゲーム会社) when searching in Google. Acquire is responsible for a few Japanese PlayStation titles, primarily titles for the PlayStation Portable

Badman/No Heroes Allowed series

Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This My Lord?
(Jp:  勇者のくせになまいきだ )

What Did I Do To Deserve This My Lord? 2
(Jp: 勇者のくせになまいきだor2 )

No Heroes Allowed!
(Jp: 勇者のくせになまいきだ:3D )

(The rest of the Japanese titles can be found on the Jp Wikipedia here)

Other relevant Acquire titles

(Jp: デカボイス )
PS2 Title
Uses Voice Commands in the same vein as Lifeline and Yoake no Mariko

Bakumatsu Ishinden
(Jp: バクマツ☆維新伝 )
PSP Title
Connected to Acquire Corporation (aka developers of Patchwork Heroes, Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman!, Rain and Dekavoice)

Patchwork Heroes
(Jp: 100万トンのバラバラ ) English title is not a direct translation of the Japanese one
PSP Title
The game was translated into English along with the Badman series. Patchwork Heroes and the Badman series also share the same composer, Hideki Sakamoto.

Kingdom of Paradise 2 / Tenchi no Mon 2
Japanese title is translated as Tenchi no Mon.
Sequel is Tenchi no Mon 2: Busouden
(Jp: 天地の門2 ~武双伝~


Pride of the Dragon Peace
(Jp: 我が竜を見よ )
(Chn: 看我龍顯神威 )
The PCSX2 Wiki says that Pride of the Dragon Peace is a simulation RPG in which you raise a Dragon and ride it into battle.

Coded Soul – Uketsugareshi Idea
(Jp: Coded Soul −受け継がれしイデア− )
PSP RPG. Had the same developers as Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner

Koufuku Sousakan
( Jp:  幸福操作官 )
PS2 Title. Seems to resemble Rimo-Cocoron conceptually
Article: http://www.crunkgames.com/?p=24

( Jp:  リゼルクロス )
PSP RPG, released in 2007


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