The Very Best of PlayStation Music, Version 2016


This is a PlayStation Playlist that I’ve been compiling for a good while now.

The main reason I compiled this was because the Super Smash Bros. approach to music always made me wonder what PlayStation’s first party series had to offer in terms of music. This is still an ongoing personal project, and this Playlist is all that was compiled in 2016, with a 2017 compilation (that’s already changed, removed and added a whole bunch of tracks) currently in the works. The playlist can viewed here.

-Since Youtube removing videos is a very real problem (and one that I’ve faced myself when compiling these playlists), here is an Excel version of the Playlist that has all of the tracks. “Very Best of PlayStation Music 2016

-I tried to order them originally (and the order went roughly like, “opening themes” to “battle themes” to “emotional themes” to “vocal themes” but I eventually scrapped that because I accidentally messed up the order at a point.

-I originally avoided licensed tracks but decided otherwise. There are some good tracks (like the one Cardigans and the one by DJ Krush) and it would be a waste not to put them there.


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