April 2017 Catchup Post

This post is split into two sections; my Playlist Updates, and my Planned Posts for this blog.


Playlist Updates

VBPSM Updates

“The Very Best of PlayStation Music” Playlist
A few changes were made to these playlists. First was that I moved to the 2016 List into another Playlist and decided to just continue updating the old one instead. The reasoning is that the playlist is much more visible, since it appears as one of the first three results in “PlayStation Playlist”; it also happens to have 3,000 views, whereas a new playlist would have to start from 0 again.

A number of tracks were added. Here is a list:
Speed Freaks / Speed Punks
“Island” and “Challenge”, honorable mention: “Raceway”

Milkcan Make It Sweet
“Keep Your Head Up” and “Baby, Baby”

Horizon Zero Dawn
“City on the Mesa”

Crime Crackers
“Emergency Escape”, “Seeking the Light”, “Symphony of the Dead”, “Prayer to the Sea of Stars” and “Milky Way Bounty Hunting”

Crime Crackers 2

Yarudora Series
“Hold On”

Gravity Rush 2
“Gravity Daze 2” and “Resistance Against Oppression”, honorable mention: “Parallel Fatal”

I plan to do a post, mainly for the Speed Freaks and the Crime Crackers soundtracks, but I’ll briefly mention the others here. City on the Mesa is just a great track (that I’ve also seen mentioned a lot among Horizon’s soundtrack). LADY FIRST from Crime Crackers 2 is just great, it feels cheesy in all the right places and I also want to listen to the Crime Crackers 2 soundtrack. Hold On is a recent rediscovery as I recently went back to listening to the Game Music Collection soundtrack.

And as for Gravity Rush 2, that’s another soundtrack I really want to listen to, though it is much higher on my list of priorities due to the inevitable NeoGAF Soundtrack of the Year thread for 2017. I got into the soundtrack of the first Gravity Rush game very late, so I didn’t want to miss the sequel’s soundtrack. I also found that the Super Marcato Bros. podcast episode for Gravity Rush 2 really helped me get into the soundtrack (I wasn’t feeling it from the demo tracks but they’ve helped me give me a better appreciation for the OST).

In terms of removals, I removed quite a few Arc the Lad tracks because they weren’t doing anything for me anymore, though I also felt I had too strong of a bias towards the soundtrack (I’ve generally operated on 2 or 3 tracks per game, with exceptions, and Arc the Lad was one of the exceptions that just didn’t make any sense).

PlayStation Soundtracks Vol. 2 and Vol. 4
These are unofficial versions of their respective soundtracks. I frequent VGMDB very frequently and after noticing that most of the tracks were already available on Youtube, I decided to compile an unofficial playlist. One playlist is complete, Vol. 2. The other one remains incomplete because of one inFamous track. A quick search didn’t yield any results, and I expect that because inFamous 2 also didn’t upload all of the tracks from the game, this might also be the case for this missing track.

PlayStation Remixes, Arranges and Covers
This playlist has gotten a lot of work recently. Aside from me finding a lot of different covers (I was on a searching spree a few weeks ago), I’ve also found a number of interesting arrange soundtracks in the form of Milkcan Make it Sweet and PJ and PaRappa’s I Scream albums. I also found one other PaRappa remix album, but I have yet to go through it. Both albums are remixes of the UmJammer Lammy soundtrack (and I’m more of a Lammy than a Parappa fan) so they were much appreciated. I think my favorites of the albums are the Baby, Baby and Fire, Fire remixes. Baby, Baby is great because of the added vocals, whilst the Fire, Fire remix (“All We Need Is Music”) is just good for its own reasons.

Planned Posts

GunParade March and Doujin Titles (and also the GunParade Anime series)
While my initial plans were to simply watch the GunParade March and Orchestra anime series, two doujin titles with GunParade March in them caught my attention, both of them seeming to be fighting games (one of my favorite genres). Since I figured it might be fun (and also because I’ve always been very curious as to how a GunParade character could be represented in a future Battle Royale sequel), I plan to play the two doujin titles I’ve found with GunParade March characters.

Sony Santa Monica’s Exdev Division Gone
I recently found from a NeoGAF thread that the part of SSM that lead to titles like the Unfinished Swan, Journey and PlayStation All-Stars may no longer be part of Sony. More research is necessary here, but considering the type of blog this is, this change is of definite relevance and interest to me.

Juusei to Diamond and ZENER Works
This is a smaller discovery (that I plan to do no posts on) but apparently the very same ZENER Works that was involved in Okage: Shadow King was also involved in the PSP, Japan only visual novel title, Juusei to Diamond (aka Diamond and the Sound of a Gunshot).

Drawn to Death and StarBlood Arena Releases
This is also something I don’t think I’ll be posting about on this blog, but Drawn to Death and StarBlood Arena seem to have been recently released on PSPlus and PSVR respectively. While I don’t plan to play or cover the titles (I’m not capable of either due to a lack of a PS4 or PSVR), I’ll be paying attention to the soundtracks and I also want to do a little research just to get the gist of each title (PlayStation Battle Royale has been on my mind a lot recently, and I feel like covering some details of the titles in relation to their implementation in a possible sequel).


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