April 2017 IP Research


(Pictured series is GunParade Orchestra)

Re-Check 1

GunParade Orchesta
I recently noticed that the copyright for GunParade Orchestra was noticeably different from GunParade March. The video (which should have a timestamp) shows that the copyright seems to be shared between Sony and Bandai.

This isn’t a new find necessarily. I actually found something similar when I started using Impress.Watch, however the find completely slipped my mind (I also found confirmation of GunParade March, the original title, being fully owned by Sony, so I assumed the same of the sequel series).

I believe this does put into question the ownership of the GunParade series (or at least, when it comes to the sequel series). I’ve yet to find any mention of Bandai on the Japanese Wikipedia page, though the copyright itself has appeared in the game itself, in the credits of the anime and also in other places. While there doesn’t seem to be any Bandai link to March at least, this definitely requires more looking into.

Links of Interest:

AnimeNewsNetwork Links
-GunParade Orchestra Anime
-GunParade March Anime

Japanese Wikipedia
GunParade March (高機動幻想ガンパレード・マーチ)
GunParade Orchestra (ガンパレード・オーケストラ)

Re-Check 2

Aquanauts Holiday
I wanted to check this one again, since I wasn’t sure if I’d already confirmed it. Upon checking the copyrights (on both the cover and in the game itself), the PS1 entry in the series definitely has Artdink’s copyright. However, a trailer for the PS3 entry has a Sony copyright on it instead. This should go on the same list as Cool Boarders in series where Sony has copyrighted sequels to a series.

PS1 Copyright

PS3 Copyright

Sony Computer and Sony Music Confirmations

Bokura no Kazoku
-Developed by Millennium Kitchen (Boku no Natsuyasumi series)
-Review: http://www.crunkgames.com/?p=79

-Developed by Media.Vision (Wild Arms, Crime Crackers, Gunners Heaven)
-Copyright seems to belong to Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Gangway Monsters
-There’s some conflicting information regarding the developer and publisher
-Copyright seems to belong to Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. though

Denki Groove Jigoku V
-Developed by Opus
-Published and copyright of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

Mad Blocker Alpha
-Confirmed as a PlayStation Mini


Tsumu and Tsumu Light
-Copyrigh belongs to Hect

Invincible Knight
-Copyright belongs to the developers, Keystone Game Studios

Page Chronica
-Copyright belongs to the developers, Red Hare Studios


Continued Search
These are titles that I’m still looking into. The combo of scarce information and the games being digitally distributed (and not having a physical cover) have made verifying the ownership of these titles a bit difficult.

Influence (PSN)
Developed by G Game Workshop
Interview: http://www.jp.playstation.com/scej/title/influence/interview/
“Influence Setsumei” Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x58bcig29kE

Anarchy Rush Hour, Astro Tripper and Gravity Crash

GameFAQs’ list of Sony Music published titles
Link 1:
Link 2:

Extra Link


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