Platform Fighters Post

Re-Posted List of Platform Fighters (and similar titles)

New Entries

25 / 5 / 17 Update
Earth Romancer (SRK Forums, Smash Boards)
Dynasty Feud (SRK Forums)
BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma
BlazyBloo: Super Melee Action Battle Royale

15 / 3 / 17 Update
Platform Fighters
-Pen 1 Grand Prix: Penguin no Mondai Special (DS, 2009)
-Indie Assault (PC, Early Access)
-Indie Game Battle (PC, Early Access)

Arena Fighters
-Rave Master (GCN, 2005)
-Rumble Academy

End of 2016 Update
-Crista Caelestis (based on Ragnarok Online)
-Queen Busters (based on Tsukihime)
-Ukasma (different from Ukasma EX, same developers)
-Chaos Faction 2 (and possibly CF1)
-Moe Moe No Beat Off Limit Action Shooting

Platform Fighters In Development (Incomplete List)

WaveDash Games’ Project
Dimensions Versus
Earth Romancer
Dynasty Feud

Ring Out Fighters
The most prominent series is the Smash series (along with all of the Smash clones that have followed). As implied with the name, the main method of scoring/fighting is centered around knocking opponents off the arena or ring.

Smash System (Ring Out + Percentage Mechanic)
The Super Smash Bros series
Super Smash Bros (1999)
Super Smash Bros Melee (2001)
Super Smash Bros Brawl (2008)
Super Smash Bros Brawl for Wii U and 3DS (2014)
Project M and other Brawl Hacks
Rivals of Aether (2015)
Brawlhalla (Planned Release Date of Nov 2015)

Smash Clones
Kanon and Air Smash
Super Smash Bros Crusade
Super Smash Flash (2006)
Super Smash Flash 2 (2010 – Present)
Megabyte Punch (2013)
Fright Fight (2014)
Indie Brawl (2014)
Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends (2015)
Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion (2011)
Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (Wii version)

Cancelled Games
Air Dash Online
Touhou Super Smash Battles
Lord of the Smash

Health Based Platform Fighters
Health System Games; Ring Outs can still be possible with these types of games, but they should only deplete health or inconvenience players. As an example, if a game counts a Ring Out as an Instant Death, it is not a Health Based Platform Fighter

Digimon Fighting Games
Digimon Battle Spirit
Digimon Rumble Arena

Naruto “Ultimate Ninja” Games

Newgrounds Rumble (2007)
Draglade (2007)
Custom Beat Battle: Draglade 2 (2008)
Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers
Kirby: Triple Deluxe (Kirby Fighters mode)
Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic
Super Sonic Knockout
Kirby Fighters Deluxe
Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou (2011)
Marvel Super Hero Squad DS (Multiplayer)
Tales of Vs
Blue Mischief
Konjiki No Gashbell: Go! Go! Mamono Fight
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Dream Orchestra

Hybrid Fighters
Health and Ring Out System; to reiterate, the difference between a Hybrid and a Health system with Ring Outs is that a Hybrid would count a Ring Out as an Instant Kill or a point, whilst a Health Fighter with RO’s will deplete a player’s health instead. It may count as a kill if a player has low enough health, but only in that instance.

Anime Platform Fighters
These titles seem to take after the Jump Stars series in that they’re primarily portable and have options for assists. Another element that separates them from regular Platform Fighters is the camera system; whilst it is likely due to the portable format, these titles tend to have cameras that follow a single player (rather than having a dynamic camera that attempts to show all players at once)

The Jump Stars System (Health + Ring Out System, Character Switching, Assists)
“Jump Stars” series (by Ganbarion)
Jump Super Stars (2005)
Jump Ultimate Stars (2006)

One Piece Fighting Games (by Ganbarion)
One Piece: Gigant Battle! (2010)
One Piece: Gigant Battle! 2 New World (2011)
One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X (2015)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Flame Rumble series (by Takara Tomy)
KHR!DS Flame Rumble Mukuro Kyoushuu (2007)
KHR!DS Flame Rumble Hyper – Moeyo Mirai (2008)
KHR!DS Flame Rumble X – Mirai Chou-Bakuhatsu (2009)
KHR!DS Flame Rumble XX – Kessen! Real 6 Chouka (2010)

TMNT: Smash Up

Projectile/Item Focused Fighters
A unique type of Platform Fighter that has a focus on Projectiles and lacks the extensive movesets of other, Smash-inspired Platform Fighters. Despite the placing of Outfoxies on this list, most of the other games here are still more Smash inspired than they are by Outfoxies.
The Outfoxies (1994)
Platform Little Fighter (1999 – 2009)
Small Arms (2006)
Baribariball (2014)
Moe Moe No Beat Off Limit Action Shooting

Unique Systems
These are systems that have only been seen in individual titles.

“Heart” System
DreamMix TV World Fighters (2003)

“Tug of War” System
Battle Stadium D.O.N (2006)

“Leveled Super” System
PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (2012)

Randomly Generated Objective System(?)
Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble

Platform Fighters with Multiple Planes
Fullmetal Alchemist: Dream Carnival (2004)
Onimusha Blade Warriors (2003/2004)

Smash-Likes (Debatable as to whether these are Platform Fighters)
Cirno Climbers (2008)
Cirno Smash Climbers (2010)
Lethal League (2014)
Mega Coin Squad (Multiplayer)

4 Player, Projectile, 1 Hit Kill Flavored Games
Samurai Gunn (2013)
TowerFall (2013)
Duck Game (2014)
TowerFall Ascension (2015)

Similar Games (Not Platform Fighters)

Multiplayer Belt Scrollers / 4-Way Scrollers
Nekketsu Kakuto Densetsu (Kunio Kun)
Meddlesome Magician (2010)
Meddlesome Magician 2 (2012)
Sugoi Hebereke

3D Arena Fighters

Power Stone series
Combat Core
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Kung Fu Chaos
Loons: The Fight for Fame
Mahou Sensei Negima! Neo Pactio Fight!
Poy Poy games
Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekitou
TMNT: Mutant Melee
Tom and Jerry: Fists of Furry
Tom and Jerry: War of the Whiskers
Rakugaki Showtime
Stake: Fortune Fighters
Groove Adventure Rave Fighting Live
Bleach: Blade Battlers
Digimon All-Star Rumble

And so on (there are a lot of these)


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