Supermassive Games: New E3 IP’s

Several new PlayStation IP’s with Supermassive Games’ involvement were revealed at E3. I plan to do some more research, but the first title was revealed with the new PlayLink platform during the E3 Pre-Show. Named Hidden Agenda, you can see the copyright for the social title in the description of the official PlayStation upload of the trailer on YouTube.

The remaining titles were revealed during the E3 Presentation for PlayStation VR. The first of these is seemingly a shooter named Bravo Team.

The second title is a bit more interesting. Named “the Inpatient”, the second VR title seems to be related to Supermassive Games’ own PS4 title, Until Dawn, serving as a 60 year prequel of sorts in what seems to be one of the locations in the original title. The Inpatient is actually the second indirectly connected title to Until Dawn, the first being Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (another PSVR title). The copyrights for both PSVR titles are also available on the descriptions of both videos.


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