Research Post: “Lord of Monsters” and Lindwurm


Japanese Wikipedia Page of “Lindwurm” (developer studio)

Japanese Wikipedia Page of “Lord of Monsters” (game series)

“Lord of Monsters” video, PSX Data Center with cover art and copyrights

Lindwurm’s Page

Lord of Monsters remake website

Aggregated Information:

Involved with several titles such as:

  • Lord of Monsters
  • Yoake no Mariko games
  • Siren series
  • Bakufu Slash: Kizuna Arashi


Lord of Monsters

  • The original title was released on the PS1
  • There are multiple sequels, up to LOMIV, but these were for the web
  • There was also a release of LOM for the web
  • These titles are copyrighted to Sony Computer Entertainment, according to their own website (see Lindwurm’s page)
  • There is a remake called Lord of Monsters Regenerate 1; the site has multiple copyrights, including Lindwurm, Square Enix and Sony Computer Entertainment
    • The original PS1 title is attributed to Sony Computer Entertainment, and credit is given to Square Enix seemingly for the images used in the remake


Creators (according to Jp Wiki)

  • Noboyuki Yamashita (Panzer Front, Velldeselba Senki: Tsubasa no Kunsho, formerly from Sega); MobyGames page
  • Hajime Yoshikawa (Circadia, Addie no Okurimono, Poinie’s Poin, Otostaz further research necessary: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3), list of works on Jp Amazon
  • Roppyaku Tsurumi (Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, localization of Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty, also Producer for the PS1 Crash games); MobyGames

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