Platform Fighters Post

Re-Posted List of Platform Fighters (and similar titles)

New Entries

25 / 5 / 17 Update
Earth Romancer (SRK Forums, Smash Boards)
Dynasty Feud (SRK Forums)
BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma
BlazyBloo: Super Melee Action Battle Royale

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PlayStation Series and Games Master List


*June 18 Update*

Added Playlink titles
That’s You, Hidden Agenda, Knowledge is Power, Frantics, Singstar Celebration

Added to Gen 4 One Shots
Bravo Team

Added to Minor Series, Until Dawn
Until Dawn + Until Dawn: Rush of Blood + The Inpatient

Removed from In Development
Drawn to Death, Starblood Arena, Horizon Zero Dawn, Killstrain

*May 22 Update*
Moved┬áDam Dam Stompland from Unconfirmed to Confirmed Sony Music IP’s
Added Wonder Trek to Gen 1 Single Titles

*May 1 Update*

PS4 IP’s
Starblood Arena, Drawn to Death

*April 29 Update*

Confusing Copyright Status
GunParade Orchestra, Aquanauts Holiday

PS2 IP’s
Bokura no Kazoku, Mawaza

Sony Music IP’s
Gangway Monsters, Denki Groove Jigoku V

PSP Mini’s
Mad Blocker Alpha

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GameFAQS SCEI Page Information

Mostly complete (for now). I combed through the SCEI GameFAQs page and have now sorted through the information. Mostly through the use of YouTube and other resources, I’ve been able to discern the status of some of the titles. While most of the confirmations are actually just for PSP Mini’s, there have been some other interesting finds as well. There’s still a number of titles that require further research however.

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Second Party IP’s Update

Added logo images for the Second Party IP’s page.

In terms of other updates, expect these soon:

-Quick EB Expo Write Up (including some minor Horizon: Zero Dawn impressions)
-PlayStation Experience Post (will have to go through this, but I believe a few new IP were announced that I need to make note of)

Late Post of On Hiatus

As the title implies, this is rather late, but this Blog is currently on hiatus due to real life obligations. Things should be cleared up by November but for now, don’t expect any updates. I will say that I’m currently working on NaNoWriMo (my fifth overall attempt, and fourth attempt in a row) and Inktober (first time doing this). I expect to post about EB Expo at least after this hiatus is over.